Monday, August 4, 2014

What kind of girl are you?

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With #babyrice2014 making her debut in 8.5 weeks (eeeek!), I have been doing a lot of thinking about what she might be like. Is she going to be loud and sassy (and a little on the edge) like her mom? Or laid back and chill like her dad? Obviously, I hope she's a mix of both of us. Afterall, we both did make her (but let's not forget who is growing her ;). So I started thinking about me. What personality traits do I have? What kind of person have I become since I was young? What are my preferences?  

I'm the kind of girl who... a perfectionist. Probably to a fault. And probably tries too hard to always be organized.

...doesn't leave the house with some sort of make up on - usually this MAC foundation. Liquid gold I tell ya!

...has to wash her hair everyday. HAS. TO. (I consider it a curse - hopefully this baby does not get her mama's hair)

...always wants ice cream and always gets it.

...prefers to go to bed early and wake up early than stay up late and sleep the day away (this is where Jonathan and I disagree)

...hits the snooze button at least twice :-/ (I could probably work on this one)

...always makes to do lists. (I have one on my phone for all of my personal stuff and one at work for all work related stuff. Sometimes I overwhelm myself, ha!)

...LOVES crossing stuff off said to do list.

...laughs all the time. It's good for the soul.

...prefers comfortable shoes and clothes over uncomfortable heels (although you will find me in an uncomfortable dress and heels or wedges 50 percent of the time - I try to switch it up).

What kind of girl are you?

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

I Hate Flying + 29 Week Bump Update

This weekend was all sorts fantastic. It included tears, sweat, laughter, love, pizza and a wedding! Two of my very best friends married. It was one of the sweetest and most special weddings I have ever been to.

This weekend was also the completion of the last flight I had to get on (hopefully) before baby comes! I am not sure if you know, but I hate flying. No, I am not scared of crashing. I hate sitting in one seat for a long period of time. I hate being at the airport 1 to 2 hours early. I hate that they are germ infested. I hate that I am always hungry starving on flights, even if I eat right before (probably because I had to leave my house three hours before the flight was scheduled to to leave to make it through security on time). I HATE that I can never find gluten-free anything in airports. And unfortunately, I have to fly a lot if I want to see my family and friends (although some of them do come to see me, I usually am the one flying to see them). Ok, rant over.

We have two more trips planned this summer that do not include airplanes, including our babymoon in Santa Barbara this weekend! Speaking of that tiny human growing inside of me. It has been a few (four to be exact) since I did a bump update. So let's do this!
How far along: 29 weeks

Baby size: Butternut squash 

Baby's recent developments: She weighs about 2 1/2 pounds and her bones are beginning to harden.  

Weight gain: ...about 20 pounds

Maternity clothes: Um, yeah. My wardrobe is shrinkingggg. 

Sleep: No complaints here! I have been rolling out (and into bed), but you gotta do what you gotta do! 

Gender: #teampink - duh.

Movement: Her movements have gone from strictly kickboxing jabs to rolling and stretching with the occasional kick (right into my bladder. Thanks, kid). 

Best moment this week: 
One of the other bridesmaids at the wedding just had a baby about a month ago and I of course hogged that baby as much as I could. It made me all the more excited to meet my little one. Also, she was 8 pounds and I kept thinking - "omg, THIS size baby could come out of me! Eeeek!"   

Looking forward to: Our babymoon this weekend :) 

Food cravings: Nothing new here! Still eating a lot of fruit and trying to stay away from the the ice cream. 

Weirdest food I ate this week: Nothing to report. 

Anything making you queasy or sick: I still feel sick if I let myself get too hungry, so I have been trying to always have snacks for emergencies.  

Labor signs: Um, no. No braxton hicks, yet. But I am sure they are coming.

What I miss: This week mostly wine. It was probably the wedding I was at and being around all of my college friends again... while I was dead sober. That hasn't happened in awhile. Our reunions are usually much different.    

Symptoms: Sore feet and back. I feel like an old lady. 

Workouts: I've been doing lots of yoga and it was has helped my back pain tremendously. I got a Groupon for I am loving this site! They have so many options (types of classes, length, etc.) for yoga classes that you can stream on your computer instantly. Amaze.   

Things that suck: No wine and the dwindling energy levels. 

Things that don't suck: Hand down, the movement! 

Monday, July 14, 2014

Making the Most of Date Night - Drive In Movie Edition

Going to the drive in movie theater has always been on my bucket list. I have made plans to go a couple times but it never worked out. On Friday we were discussing our weekend plans (it's rare that we have an entire weekend to do whatever WE want, rather than having other plans already). Jonathan said he wanted to see Transformers and Planet of the Apes and I was instantly reminded of Heather's post from last week, Memphis Bucket List. The drive in sparked my interest so I mentioned it and it was instantly given approval :) We saw a double feature, Transformers and Maleficent. I didn't love either one of them, they were okay. Maleficent seemed so short compared to the three hours we watched Transformers! 

We picked up pizza on the way and also brought popcorn and candy. It was a perfect night--I didn't even need a blanket until about midnight. And the sunset before the movie was all sorts of beautiful! 
5 things to make your Drive In experience better:
1. If you plan to sit outside of your car, bring comfortable chairs! Maybe even a pillow. And a blanket if you get cold easily, like myself :) 
If you want to be comfortable, better safe than sorry. That's coming from a pregnant woman. #gofigure 
2. Get there early! We got there an hour early and there was a long line to get in already. Spots will fill up fast and you want to make sure you get a good one! We picked up pizza before and chatted and ate dinner before the movie started. We were also pretty entertained by the people watching. I had also brought Uno (one of my fav games), but we didn't end up needing to entertain ourselves further before the movie started. Another reason to get there early: you don't want to be that annoying person driving up and down the isles looking for a spot (with your lights on) disturbing the movie! People might yell at you. #justsayin
3. Bring snacks! You don't know how far away you will be from the snack bar (we were pretty far, we were also pretty far from the bathroom - not good!). And the line might be 100 miles long. You'll probably also save some change if you bring your own snacks and popcorn.
4. Bring a battery powered FM radio. This is how you will get sound. We planned to use our car's radio (make sure you start your car a few times during the movie so your battery doesn't die!) but we just happen to be next to someone with a loud sound system so we didn't need it! 
5. If you're like me, take a nap earlier in the day because it's going to be a looonnngggg night! We didn't get home until 2am. That's four hours past my bedtime. Just kidding. Kind of. 

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Who's watching The Bachelorette tonight!? I really like Chris, but I don't think she's going to keep him around. She'll keep Nick even though he is total creep city. They always keep the creeps! amiright?