Friday, May 21, 2010


My boyfriend and I are getting our (first) own place in about a month and a half (I'm super excited about it! Living 40 minutes away from each other has not been easy! AND I'm excited for us to take the next step). As a result, my mind has been wondering to decorating (and even paint) ideas. These are some of my faves (for now, I'm sure I'll change my mind!).
I'm in LOVE with this chandelier! So very chic, and I'm pretty sure they sell a similar one at IKEA! I think some mirrors are needed in this room.
These colors will light up any dark (apartment) room. If you look closely, the rug is fabulous!
 I love to liven up a white wall with a sassy picture!
{All images via The Cottage Cheese}


  1. So exciting....It will be some much fun! I bet you will do a great job with decorating the place....Great photos and the chandelier is very chic :)
    Enjoy your weekend my dear!

  2. Congratulations! How fun, exciting and romantic. I'm sure you will make a a beautiful home, have a great time putting it all together.

  3. In Ikea you can find a lot of similar things!



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