Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Bridal Shower Insprirations

Hello, fabulous readers! I am in the process of planning my sister's bridal shower and I am hoping ya'll can help. I would love to have your ideas and inspirations for an outside Sunday brunch! Here are some of my favorite inspirations:
Erin did a fantastic job planning her Bestie's shower; I'm totally inspired right now!
Have you thrown a bridal shower before? Or attended one? What were some of your favorite ideas?


  1. I love bridal shower and threw many of them before...Its all about the theme and colour you want to choose...I love making sure that there are some amazing details that represent the bride to be...
    Cupcakes are the best and candies in jars are very cool too:)
    Let me know if I can help you out with something...I would be more then happy to:)

    Kisses,sweetie and have a wonderful afternoon:)

  2. I've never thrown a shower, but I've been to my fair share. Here's what I learned:

    1) alcohol is mandatory. a dry shower is a paradox.

    2) the fewer silly games you play the better. One fun event is plenty. Let the rest of the time be about gifts and girl time.

    3)Themes are fun AND functional. I went to a tropical themed shower and it was great because I knew how I should dress and the MOH told me every food/drink/favor purchase had to pass the "tropics test" which made planning easier.

    4) Make it personal. If your sister is the girliest girl ever, go with it. If she vomits at the sight of pink hearts, go the opposite way. It's HER shower.

    I'd love to help plan and see more ideas, because you're obviously going to do an awesome job!!

  3. That's beautiful, my sister threw one for me...unlike sara, I'm all about silly games!! Or at least one!! LOL.

    My sis did this cool game where she recorded my fiance answering questions all about me. And she played the tape (vcr, i know, old school).

    Right before she played his answers the girl had to guess the answer. Whoever knew the most about me won a prize.

  4. You have a very sweet blog! I've never thrown a bridal shower, but have definitely had my fill of them! I think it's always key to have great desserts...especially chocolate! Have fun!

    Julie xo


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