Monday, August 23, 2010

Bathtub Boat

I always dream of one day not living in an apartment or a townhouse. And one day owning my very own home. A place where I can paint the walls if I want to, and replace light fixtures and ceiling fans if I do so please. When I do finally own a home, I will include this in my master bathroom (as well as a gigantic closet... a girl can dream, right?).
This beautiful bathtub boat is from Dutch designer Wieki Somers.


  1. I adore that bathtub...How cool is that?!
    I so would love to have a bath like that:)

    Happy Monday,sweetie
    How was your weekend:)

  2. hehe very cute and a little tongue and cheek--very Amanda!

  3. this is the coolest tub ever ;)


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