Wednesday, August 25, 2010

True Blood

My boyfriend and I have become obsessed with True Blood. Well, mostly my boyfriend has become obsessed with the vampires, but I won't deny that I as well like it. Have you seen it? The scandals almost instantly sucked me in! 
What TV shows do you never miss?
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  1. I love Office...I watch it all the time:) Its so funny:)


  2. I have somehow avoided the vampire craze! I can never miss desperate housewives, big love & brothers and sisters. Nip tuck used to be at the top of the list, but sadly its gone!

  3. Mad Men has me, I even stopped watching The Gates where my jewelry is on the vixen because they are on at the same time and I have no dvr!! I do switch back and forth during commercials and caught two of my necklaces last week, makes for a Sunday night thrill ride!

  4. True Blood is so amazing! Love it!


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