Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Finally, a Taste of my Trip to Amsterdam!

We had lunch in a small town outside of Hilversum - a cute, quaint town that I never wanted to leave! It was breath taking!
 At lunch we ate traditional Dutch "Pancakes." I like to describe them as a mix between pancakes and pizza! They come with thick maple syrup that melts in your mouth. They were absolutely delicious and I think this was my favorite part of the trip!
A beautiful picture from my stroll home after lunch.
Amsterdam is a beautiful and intriguing place. I consider myself blessed that I was given the chance to explain such a place. I have added it to my bucket list, to go back and spend time getting to know culture.
Happy Wednesday, all!
PS: Sorry it took me so long to post pictures! Enjoy :)


  1. Such gorgeous photos! This looks like an amazing trip.

  2. How awesome, so happy you had a great trip!

  3. How fun! Those pancakes are huge [if I'm looking at it right] haha.


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