Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!

I hope you all have a great (long) weekend! Enjoy relaxing, your fams and the food! I'm heading to the coast to have Thanksgiving lunch with my family. Then we are driving to have a dinner with Jon's family... I might blow up like a balloon from all of the food, just warning you :) 
Sadly, I won't be "Black Friday" shopping - like I do every year with my mom and sis. But really, let's be honest - I don't really ever buy Christmas gifts for other people (I buy things for myself)!  
I'm taking Monday and Tuesday off to relax and regroup (I've been crazy busy), so - tata for now! Enjoy your Holiday! 
PS: I'm in love with the ensemble in the image above (and I can only see half of it!). Maybe I will get myself an outfit that is to die for for Thanksgiving :) 


  1. Sounds wonderful. Have a safe trip and enjoy your family:)
    Love that look....Perfection!
    Kisses and hugs,sweetie and see you next week

  2. Have fun and enjoy all that tomorrow has to offer:-)

  3. I hope you had a lovely Thanksgiving weekend! Mine was filled with food, family and fun!


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