Friday, March 25, 2011

Happy Friday!

Large_Large_Coney Island Beach, New Yorkc 
 Is it just me, or did this week go by really fast? It is a treat, because the week prior have been long and stressful! I'm about to finish week two of my half marathon training and I'm feeling strong but my legs...not so much. I just purchased a foam roller to help loosen the muscles (last time I attempted to train for a half marathon-in college-I hurt myself and was completely devastated. I wasn't able to run the race. I'm trying to stay positive). Maybe the stress relief that running provides is what brought this week to such a quick halt. Definitely not complaining :)
We don't have any exciting plans for this weekend... something I always look forward too! Especially after our two trips to Bend (here and here) in two weekends (as I type this I am remembering that I never shared my photos with you! I'll do a double "Weekend Snap" on Monday). Although, I wish I was at the beach... maybe without that many people. How about a secluded, private beach? That sounds nice... I'm hoping to try Pine State Biscuits this weekend, it is so incredibly pathetic that I still have not been!
What are your plans for the weekend? I may need to live vicariously through you :)


  1. Pine State Biscuits is amazing! You'll love it :)

  2. yes this week has definitely gone so quickly im with you on that :).
    So impressive about the half-marathon! i suckk at long distance running.
    my weekend plans sound exactly same as yours haha, so unfortunately you cant live vicariously through me hah.
    hope you are having a relaxing weekend xx

  3. I just recently made it to Pine State Biscuits as well! It was awesome. I do weekend breakfast posts on my blog and will start including more Portland breakfasts spots!

    good luck on half marathon training! I'm doing the Oregon Wine Country half in September!

  4. can't wait for summer and the beach

  5. Ummm... Pine State is the best! We go all the time. I hope you made it this weekend! :)


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