Monday, March 14, 2011

Mini Vaca Recap

We're back from our relaxing trip to Bend! We stayed at the Seventh Mountain Resort and was very impressed. There are a lot of activities to keep you busy and interested. There are also numerous heated pools and hot tubs. We enjoyed delicious beer and food at the Deschutes Brewery for lunch. The sun was shinning and it was nearly 60 degrees! It was amazing (especially because it was pouring rain in Portland when we left Saturday morning). We sat on the patio of our room, and soaked in some Vitamin D (until a cloud covered the sun and it was time to go inside). Later, we took advantage of the hot tubs and watched the stars (something we don't always get to do in the big city of Portland).
How was your weekend!?


  1. How sweet! Looks like a great time :) Beautiful!

    Hope you have a wonderful Monday!

    That Girl in Pearls

  2. Great photos! Looks like you had a blast!

  3. Great pics! I love mini vaca's! :)

  4. Those are such a cool photos and it sounds fantastic:) Happy Monday, darling

  5. I love Bend. Looks like it was fun!



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