Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Wish I was here Wednesday!

I am playing along with Olivia in, "Wish I was Here Wednesday!" Play along and then link up on her blog!
This is seriously a beautiful sight. I'd love to be here, glass of wine in hand, and gazing for miles and miles...awww, so refreshing!


  1. Awww...I would love that too..Such a beautiful place! Enjoy your day, sweetie

    Ps: I’m hosting an EmersonMade GIVEAWAY today! Super cute shirt just in time for spring:)

  2. Ohhh!! So perf. Look at that sky!! xo

  3. This is such a good idea! I want to play too! Love your blog :)

  4. It is a fantastic setting! You should make it your computer wallpaper so u can peek at it throughout the day ;)

  5. Amanda! Thanks for finding my blog and then leaving me a sweet comment! We're moving to Portland in a couple of months; it's always nice to find blogs of Oregonians. :)

  6. wow! couldn't agree more. Will you take me with you?

  7. This place looks fantastic!

    Also, hilarious that your bf wouldn't participate in the garter toss. I am seriously shocked mine did! Haha it must mean I did a great job coercing him.

    How do you like living in Portland? I'm a west coast girl who used to live in Seattle, and have always liked that city!

    ❤ Katherine at

  8. looks like such a beautiful spot. i would love to be there too especially with a glass of wine in hand. how perfect.
    loving your blog, i just found it. im following :) x

  9. aww i would love to be there too :) looks fabulous! i love your blog hun! xo

  10. Hi sweetie,

    Thanks for adding me.
    Your adorable and so is your blog!
    Seattle was a blast.



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