Friday, April 1, 2011

Destination Wedding: Bahamas

I can't say that I dream of having a destination wedding. I honestly prefer to have something more intimate, perhaps an indoor wedding in the Spring (I live in Oregon after all). The idea of being barefoot, in white sand, with the sound of the ocean in front of me puts me into a state of hypnosis... These pictures from Jonas Peterson not only have me second guessing my dream, but also making me daydream about an exotic the Bahamas. Coconut Drink Sign Beach


  1. this is absolutely gorgeous! I love the way its all set up with the pillows and tables. outside weddings are pretty risky weather wise though but i would love one!

  2. I could use a mojito on a beach right about now! Amazing...

  3. Oh my goodness, what a fantastic wedding. I love the idea of having those long tables. This way everyone can enjoy a great conversation:) Love love love this wedding and totally want to go to Bahamas right now:) Happy Monday, sunshine

  4. That's a romantic idea! Love the straw bag! that's cute! :)


  5. This is amazing. Your blog is looking fabulous!!!


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