Monday, April 11, 2011

Happy Monday!

Hello, lovelies! It's Monday! I don't have too busy of a week ahead of me--some might like this, but others--like myself--dislike. I would much prefer to be (somewhat) busy and make the time fly than busy myself with small things. How about you? 
I came across this skirt this morning on Pinterest and instantly fell in love! I mean seriously, what says Spring more than this beauty? Also, the purse is fantastic. I just want to be in this image... :)
Hope you're having a great Monday! Visit my Twitter page to find out what sweet surprise I received today!


  1. I wish I had your long legs so I could pull off this beauty!

  2. @Sara, you're too sweet. A blessing and a curse ;)

  3. officially obsessed! oh how i love spring

  4. Thanks for posting on my little blog. I am LOVING yours (and now following it). P.S. That skirt is great... I stumbled upon this one; it's kinda similar!


  5. @nicole -- I LOVE that skirt! It's gorgeous! Thanks for sharing!

  6. loce that skirt, great addition for the summer...

    xx claudia


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