Friday, June 17, 2011

Happy Friday!

Hello, lovelies! It has been a crazy few weeks. I've never moved across the country before (catch up on our big news here) so you can probably imagine the scatter that is my brain. With the move just two weeks away (eek!) I literally have 3 to-do lists active. This is probably because I feel the need (not sure why) to write things such as "wash car" on the list or "do not pack air mattress," and I always seem to think of something else when the list is not with me, so I start jotting things down on another piece of paper... holy moly.
On a less stressful note, I'm getting really excited for our adventure across country. We're planning to spend a few hours in Nashville, a dream come true for me :) I start my new job (yay!) just a few days after we arrive, and I am very  excited about it! I think it will be just the change of pace I am looking for. This gives us just a few days to look for a new home. At the end of this, I am going to be a pro at apartment searching (let me know if you need any tips :)!
This weekend we're heading to hang with some friends to celebrate a wedding (that we wont be able to attend due to the move) and a graduation! It should be grand! Crossing my fingers for decent weather (wishful thinking, I think it's going to rain).
I know I promised to share photos from our recent trip to Florida, but honestly they all suck. I need a camera upgrade, stat.  Something I plan to do as soon as I get to Florida, but after I get a puppy! So many things to do! Ha!
Have a great weekend!


  1. Such a cute pic!
    Happy Weekend, darling!


  2. happy friday
    cute photo

    Today I open my Eleven23SHOP
    if you want to check out the cute tank tops I'm selling

  3. New camera upgrade - yes (me too!). Nashville, TN - yes! (I'm applying to grad school there PS). New puppy - YESSSSS!!!

    Can't wait for our date night Tuesday. Long overdue.

  4. I hope you have a fabulously relaxing weekend. :) LOve that picture!

  5. A big move is stressful but so exciting! Congrats on the job! :)

    (and yeah, I think that sangria isn't half bad, well, for $6 haha)

  6. How darling that photo is!
    (You should still put up the pictures from Florida, even if they're dreadful!) :]

  7. SO stoked you found my blog so that I could find yours! Don't be to surprised if you get an email from me in the near future or several about PR ;)) But love love your blog and Nashville is AH-mazing can't wait to hear about your visit! xoxo

  8. Can't believe you're a Duck fan and you posted those kids in all that purple and gold!

    I'll be at the LSU-Oregon season opener. GEAUX TIGERS!

  9. I am a listmaker too!!
    what is your new job? I may have missed this post. Goooood luck getting everything together and have a safe trip!!

  10. @Ashley--haha! You got me there... :)

    @Mandee--I got a job in PR. Super excited!


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