Tuesday, July 24, 2012


Hi Guysss!!!!

I feel as though I need to reacquaint myself with this blog..it has been awhile. While living in Portland last year, I was living a life I had always known. Blogging in the morning before work, on my lunch breaks or after work was part of my daily routine. Something that always fit into my schedule. Last July we (me and my then boyfriend...now HUSBAND!) moved to Florida and a wrench was thrown into my routine. I mean, there was sunshine, beaches and palm trees, something we don't have in Oregon, except sunshine....sometimes... what blog? :)

Over the last year, I have thought about this blog. My little corner of the internet. I thought about how to squeeze this into my daily routine. A new job, a new home, a new work schedule (for both of us), getting a pup and planning a wedding (from all the way across the United States) made it difficult to sit down like I used to and write about anything and everything...a passion of mine. 

Having a blog with such awesome readers, and being able to read everyone else's little corners of the internet was a great feeling. A feeling I have strived to get back. Now that it has been about a year, I am excited that I finally feel settled and life is feeling normal (and not crazy busy, because I am getting lost every time I try to go to the mall) now that the wedding is over. Pictures to come! 

Our pup, Luna, is also settled in and we are officially Mr. and Mrs. Rice as of July 7! 

I appreciate all of my readers, new and old! I am excited to be back and excited to catch up with all of you and to catch you all up on my life in the last year and years to come. 

Here is a picture of Luna that I took recently. Obviously, many more pics of her to come :)


  1. Glad we are partners for the swap!!! Cant wait to read more as you get back into the swing of things :)

  2. you're baacckkkk!!!! HOORAY!!! Missed you :) Can't wait for wedding photos - you looked stunning!


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