Monday, August 13, 2012

My Weekend in Pictures

Happy Monday! Are you all ready for a new week? I'm feeling a little under the weather today, so I think I could have used one more {weekend} day... But I am pretty sure I think that every Monday (feeling sick or not) :)

Most of my weekend was spent on the couch, catching up on my DVR and watching Sex and the City marathons, but I also attended a charity casino night with some friends on Saturday and it was awesome to say the least. Everyone always says, "I never win anything" but I seriously never win anything (haha)...until Saturday night when I won a raffle basket with personal training sessions, nutrional consultation, gift cards to two restaurants, a massage and more! Awesome indeed. I guess I can't say I never win anything anymore!

Look at all those chips! :)

Luna had her friends over for most of the day Saturday and Sunday, and when they left, she was pretty much devistated--sat at the window and cried for a good 45 minutes. Apparently I should get her out more often.

Friday night I branched out and tried something new with my manicure. It was something simple, obvi, but I am taking baby steps to trying new things! 

Who is a True Blood fan!? I have to say that I am reallllly liking loving this season. So many crazy twists! Last night I shed a tear once or twice, not gonna lie...

Tell me, how was your weekend!?

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  1. I always like to check out new Twitter followers and love when they have great blogs! And I think I'm in love with your dog....she's adorable!!


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