Tuesday, September 25, 2012

80's Bachelorette Party!

You guys. I have the greatest friends in the entire world. Seriously. I look back at these photos from July and it warms my heart knowing (and remembering) all of these amazing people in my life. I am so sad that they live so far away from me (them in Oregon, me in Florida). I wish I could be closer to them and spend more time with them. But, regardless, I am so blessed to call them friends! I love you all :) 
My bachelorette party was an 80's theme, on the fourth of July :) We got a hotel room in downtown Portland and had a party bus pick us up. We drove around, watched fireworks and then danced our butts off until they turned off the music! Saying that is was an absolute blast would be an under statement. It was the perfect reunion for me and my closest friends (I had only got into town from Florida a few days before my bachelorette party). 
Enjoy these photos, I know I did!! haha :)

 {via Nicole}
 {via Nicole}

Have a great Tuesday!!


  1. Your outfit is basically amazing!

  2. That looks like a blast and you are totally adorable in that outfit!!

  3. Your outfit is AWESOME! I love the white dress and hot pink leg warmers


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