Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Our Wedding: The Ceremony

Good Morning, friends! I am so excited to share our ceremony pictures with you! Our wedding (ceremony and reception) was held at Red Barn Studios. The location was slightly out of our budget but when I visited last September, I absolutely fell in love and HAD to get married there. We just cut back in a couple other areas and made it happen! 
*As a side note, during our day we had many issues with the owners of the barn. I could go on and on about how disappointed I am with the way they treated my family (who PAID to rent the location for the entire day), my guests and me, but I will spare you my rant. If you're looking for a wedding location in the Northwest I wouldn't recommend this barn (don't even go there because it is too beautiful to resist!) ;) You can make your own judgement. 
It was a beautiful {hot} day inside the barn, but thankfully so many of our family and friends came to share our day with us anyways! 

All photos: Cassy Berry Photography


  1. I hate that the owners were terrible, but it sure made for some great pictures!!

  2. OMG i dont understand why people cant just get over the fact that we paid to rent something and let us do it!! I had the same issues.. made me so mad !! but your pictures are beautiful!!!

  3. wow your ceremony is absolutely gorgeous! stunning dress. bummer about the bad owners

  4. What a beautiful wedding! I absolutely love your dress. New Follower :)


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