Monday, October 15, 2012

{weekend recap}

Happy Monday, Lovelies. Time to start a new week... I am definatley not ready. Who wants to go back to the weekend? My weekend was jammed packed full of activites! It was a great weekend, but I didn't get one chance to sit and relax and I am paying for that today! Is it 5pm yet? I need a nap.
I'm linking up with Sami for Weekend Update!
My weekend started with a much needed hair appointment. Complete with red wine and a massage chair. I tried a new place and I was seriously impressed.
We  tailgated at the Bucs game yesterday and I attempted a Pinterest project: Jell-O shots. These were pretty simple. The biggest pain-in-the-butt is having to get all of the stuff out of the lemons. These were not a pretty as the ones on Pinterest, but let's be honest--do things ever turn out as pretty as the picture? Or is it just me?!

I have to take this sweet face to get her annual shots today :(
Have an awesome Monday, I'm out! :)


  1. Oh heyyyy fellow Tampa gal! As soon as I saw Raymond James I had to read your "about me", lol. That wine/massage sounds perfect right now. Newest follower!

  2. i have never seen jello shots in a lemon! Looks yummy :)

  3. ooh jello shots in a lemon? pretty cool! and i hate taking my dogs to get their shots ugh it just breaks my heart

  4. Aww, love that your friends are Chiefs fans! I live in Wichita (and was born and raised here) but went to KU (in Lawrence) and have tons of family in the KC area! So fun!


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