Friday, November 16, 2012

Those November Goals...

Yay, it's FRIDAY!! Anyone else excited about that?! I know I am, although I have no plans for the weekend. But I think I like it like that.
So, you guys already about my November goals and how I am trying to get back to my active, healthy lifstyle (since after I got married I said SCREW IT I am going to take a little break). Last night I took a stab at a gluten free recipe. Ladies and gentlemen (because men read this blog?), I give you cauliflower pizza crust!
Don't jump to any conclusions, that's not what mine looked like. I actually didn't take a picture of mine... sorry. #bloggerfail
I did take this picture as I was preparing the crust:
I used a combination of a few recipes I saw online based on what tools and ingredients I already had. I cooked it for 20 minutes and the center was no where close to being done but the outsides were getting pretty burnt. If you follow me on Twitter, you know that I was getting nervous. I eventually just took it out, even though the center wasn't crispy. I either didn't get the cauliflower dry enough or I didn't make the center thin enough. I don't know. BUT I will say that this was very delicious regardless of the fail and I will try it again! It was pretty simple and doesn't have many incredients. Have you ever made cauliflower pizza crust??
I also had a run planned for Luna and I during my lunch break, but that didn't happen. Instead we went for a long walk (that counts as exercise...taking baby steps to accomplish my Nov goals! haha)

Where we found this pretty place (more like Luna was dragging me, but you get the idea):
Reminds me of home in Oregon. I wish I would have found it sooner! Luna and I will be strolling this way more often!
I hope you have a wonderful weekend :)


  1. awe beautiful!!
    yay for cauliflower pizza crust!!! :)

  2. I've been wanting to try cauliflower pizza crust! And now I think I will.


    There it is! And you can't ruin it I promise (:



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