Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Goal Recap and Reset

Can we just take a minute to soak this in:

So pretty. I love the Holidays :)

At the beginning of November I posted some goals that I wanted to accomplish in the month. I actually didn't want to write this post because I sucked pretty bad at every. single. one. But, I am a woman of my word. Therefore, I will go over each goal, then proceed to tell you how much I suck at doing said goal. Here we go...

1. RUN! Well, I did this... once. But I did find a half marathon (scheduled for February) that I want to train for! I set up my Runner's World App on my phone, which tells me what mileage I need to run each day. I also subscribed to Runner's World Magazine. I ran a half marathon a couple years ago and it was fun and also held me accountable, AND I was in amazing shape. So tonight, you will find me running 2 miles. Hopefully :)

2. Experiment with a new gluten free recipe each week. I didn't do this. Though I did consciously shop for all gluten free food. I also (finally) went to a specialist doctor to talk about these horrible stomach aches that have been burdening my life. There were a million tests, and now I just wait for results. But it isn't anything too serious. From what the Doc said. More on that later, I guess!

3. Coupon! I only made ONE couponing trip and that was last night, and it's technically December so that doesn't really count. #oops. By the way, coming soon to the blog will be a coupon section! I will share all of my secrets and teach you the easiest, least time consuming way to save money! :)

So... let's make some new (realistic) goals for December!

1. Train for that dang half marathon!! YOU CAN DO IT.

2. Remember to take moments to think about how thankful I am, and take a few moments to enjoy something festive. Around the holidays, life gets busy. Like REAL busy. And sometimes I forget to sit back and enjoy it. Last night after I finished decorating the Christmas tree, I stood and looked at it for a couple minutes and remembered some of my favorite things about the holidays. Then told myself I needed to not let another Christmas go by, then realize while taking down decorations, I never really took time to enjoy it. Tis the season!

I think I will stick with just two this time around so that I can MAKE SURE I achieve them and so that December doesn't suck as bad as November :)

What are your goals for December?


  1. Your tree looks great hun! I love your goals especially the second one since life does get so busy at the holidays sometimes we forget to stop and really live in that lovely holiday feeling! xo

  2. I love your tree! So pretty!!! And those are great goals! I need to make one for myself. I always have a mental list going, but getting it down on paper or the computer really helps get it going!!! I def empathize with stomach/digestive issues! I eat g-free a lot. I don't have celiac, but I have issues digesting it if I eat too much. I had a lot of issues over the last year and mine turned out to be my gallbladder, which I had out this past October. Been feeling a lot better since then. Maybe try to start eliminating different things? Also probiotics help a lot of people too ;)

    1. Christy! Thank you so much for commenting!! The doctor does think it's my gallbladder! So funny that you say that :) I had an ultra sound last week so I am waiting to hear. I will let you know :)

  3. I had no idea Runners World had an app! I will have to try it :) Im aiming for a full marathon next year... MAYBE haha! Im scared!!!!

  4. I want to train for a half too! To get back on the running wagon I am going to wokr my way up froma 5K to a half...here goes nothing! I like your 2nd goal for this month a lot!


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