Tuesday, January 8, 2013

{December} Goal Recap and Reset

I blogged a couple of goals for the month of December, at the begining of the month. There were only two of them as I didn't want to stretch myself too much because I knew we were going to be traveling for 10 days and the Holidays are naturally a busy time of the year. I feel good about the goals that I set for myself. Feeling quite accomplished on this Tuesday morning :)

The first goal was to continue to train for a half marathon on February 10. I totally did this. I missed two runs while we were in Oregon (but I did get in one 6 miler) but I came back to Florida and pounded the pavement for 7 miles. Booooyah! The second goal was to soak in every part of the Holidays that I could possible fit in. I feel as if I accomplished this, but the Holidays just flew by I hardly remember them, lol.

I'd like to set another goal, let's say, "A Blogger's New Year Resolution" and that will be, to blog at least 4 days a week!! Blogging is something that I enjoy and I find that when I can't find time for the things that I enjoy, I get dragged down by work. Don't get me wrong, I love my job, but sometimes you just need to put your mind into something else for a few minutes a day :) So... cheers to that! Woop.

Who else is blogging their goals? Please share!

On a side note, I was a no-reply blogger, though I SWEAR I changed that forever ago, and the lovely Lisette pointed out this flaw, and helped me change that (thanks, Lisette!). Now I am receiving so many replies to my comments and questions on your blogs and it's so cool being able to interact with ya'll more. Who woulda known!? Blonde moment... sorry :-/


Last night, like a lot of other women in America, I watched The Bachelor; with wine and popcorn, of course. I haven't watched in a few seasons because I felt like every episode was 2 hours long and I couldn't keep up. But this season they travel to Whitefish, Montana (where my hubby grew up) so I was inspired to watch! I love Whitefish, it's beyond beautiful!

Does anyone agree that the fashion on last night's episode was something from 2003? Usually the women are wearing gorgeous dresses that I am extremely jealous of... am I right?? Some of the girls were going to great lengths to make an impression. WOWZA! Can't wait to see what the season brings!

Did you watch The Bachelor??


  1. I feel like I'm the only one who doesn't watch the Bachelor. I need to!

  2. The Bachelor is one of my guilty pleasures, I haven't watched last nights episode yet but it's on my to-do list for today!

  3. Yes - I watched the Bachelor, loved it! Back hand spring girl falling on her head, 50 shades of drunk getting wasty-pants and Psychotic wedding dress girl that kissed sean before saying her name! HAHA, I just wrote a recap on my blog today, this season should be good!!


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