Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Facts of Me

I see the numbers (slowly, but surely) growing over there to my right. You know, the followers of this here little blog (hi newbies, SO HAPPY to have you here!!). I often say things, or make a sarcastic comment (or two) and wonder if my newbies will understand my humor or think I am downright strange (or a horrid bitch rude girl). I've been considering a post like this, you know, the infamous "If you Knew Me" posts that circled around the blogosphere a few months ago. But when Whitney announced this link up "The Facts of Me" I knew I had to participate and get this show on the road.
So, here we are, The Facts of Amanda :)

I think (no, I know) that everything tastes better through a straw (except wine, maybe).
I have middle child syndrome. Yes, still. 27 years later. It's a tragic disease.
I am much taller than my older sister and much shorter than my younger brother (did you follow that?).
My Husband and I share the same birthday. He is, however, two years my elder. :)
I am addicted to running and yoga. And anything else that makes me feel good (that sounds dirty, but was not intended to be...maybe).
I'm ALWAYS thirsty. I always have water with me, especially at my bedside. Perhaps it's the wine consumption, or perhaps it's another tragic disease, not sure.
99% of the time my clothes are all over the floor in our bedroom. My hangers feel abandoned most of the time.
I hate the dishes. HATE. But I LOVE a clean kitchen.
I'm a little obsessed with my dog. I can't imagine loving anything more (except my Husband, maybe). 
I have a baby fever, and it is hot, hot, hot
I'm mostly sarcastic and only a little serious.
I was born and raised in a little town (that is not so little anymore) outside of Portland, Ore.
I am a planner. I have to have everything planned out, on a to do list or I am a non-productive stress case. My husband just loves me for this (he's not a planner and would rather fly by the seat of his pants 24/7, I say, "not gunna happen!").
I worked in the restaurant industry for 5 years while in college. I met some of my best friends doing this. As much as I complained about the work, it was one of the best experiences I have had.
Couponing is probably my favorite hobby. It's addicting.

We should do this more often because I could talk about myself all day! ;)


  1. That'd be so fun to share a birthday!
    Grr. I hate the dishes too! But I MAKE myself wash them every night before bed because it makes me less stressed the next day.
    Babyyyy Fe-Vah! ;)

  2. Love getting to know you a bit better! I def have baby fever baddddd, too..
    I need to go work on linking up--so fun!

  3. Love reading more about you since I'm a new follower!! I'm the same way with clothes, though mostly they stay in about 3 laundry basket haha I'll eventually get that whole "fold and put away" thing down!

  4. hiya, lady! love your new blog design! sounds like you're doing well. we miss you! :) xo

  5. Love a clean kitchen, hate doing dishes so annoying!! xo

  6. dishes and putting away clothes...can't stand it!! but i do not have baby fever. it's weird im almost the opposite and don't know why!!

  7. How do you celebrate your birthday if you have to share it with the hubby? lol My birthday is normally my favorite holiday of the year but the last few ones haven't been that great!!!
    & i agree. I hate the dishes but love playing in the water when doing them lol
    & I suffer from middle child syndrome too.. sup I am only a middle child to my mother but youngest & only daughter to my father..weird to think!! I should really do one of these post!!
    & how did u learn to LOVE running? I used to have a passion for working out than it faded.. I need to find it again!!
    Love all the facts.
    happy Tuesday!

  8. Ah! I'm now obsessed with couponing too! We'll have to share tips! ;)

  9. Im always thirsty too!! I sort of have anxiety over it like something must be wrong with me!! Lol! So cool you an the hubs are bday twins!

  10. what you and your husband share the same birthday?? how cool! how have you two celebrated? one big party? loved getting to know you more!

  11. I don't think that being a planner is bad. I've found that the more spontaneous people (not necessarily your husband) often come to us when their craziness gets them into trouble.

  12. You're adorable!
    Is MCS real? My sister has always claimed it is, but (as the eldest) I've always disagreed!
    I love that you guys share a birthday. So stinking cute. That's like y'all's day!
    I'm addicted to running, too. I need to get on the yoga bandwagon.

    So glad I found your adorable blog!

  13. Um i totally have baby fever too! lol soon, it's happening for us :)

  14. New follower here from the linkup, and not gon' lie baby fever was totally on my list!!! It's driving me crazy! Haha. Anyway, I look forward to getting to know you better! <3

  15. Water is always by my bedside as well. I am trying to get into couponing... it is confusing when you start!!


  16. I love straws, am completely obsessed with my dog and never use hangers either! I wish I had baby fever though...is is contagious? If so, send it my way! Excited to find your blog and read more!

    Your newest follower (for now),
    Jill from Classy with a Kick

  17. How cool that you guys have the same birthday! :) I am definitely a planner too! And always keep water bedside.. seems like any time I don't, I'll wake up coughing in the middle of the night and need it. :p

  18. You're hilarious! I'm a new follower and I love your sarcasm! (Yup, I spelt that word wrong three times) have you ever wondered where this world would be without spellcheckers? I'd be screwed!

    You sound like a healthy, happy in love person. That's a great life. Savor it.

    Xoxo from Jamaica mon! ;)


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