Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Happy New Year!

WOWZA! Has it been awhile! The Holidays always get in the way of my blogging. We went to Oregon to visit family and it was nonstop from the time we landed until we made it back to Tampa. Now that we are back, and have been for 3 days, I have no voice, a puppy who needs extra attention and a disaster of a house. We flew back on the 30th (an overnight flight, my worst idea ever!) and took a four hour nap when we got home. The next day was New Years Eve and we had already agreed to celebrate with some friends so we couldn't back out and say that we were too old. So, alas, we celebrated. Then we went to the Outback Bowl yesterday. So basically what I am trying to say is that I am TIRED. Like, really, really tired. If I ever needed a vacation from my own life, it would be now. I'm happy to have things start to slow I am sure a lot of you are, too :) 

Besides catching up with Family, we also went to a Portland Trail Blazers game (one of our favorite things to do for date night when we lived in Portland), snowboard, eat Pho and delicious Thai food (something you CAN'T find in Florida, but is on every other block in Portland), drink a Ruby beer and explore downtown for a few hours. It was beyond amazing (and exhausting). Totally worth every second of this no voice shenanigan that I have going on, mostly because of this reunion:

I just love them :)

 My Ruby and Hubs' Rubinator
 Our favorite breakfast place, Pine State Biscuits!
Merry Christmas!!!!
And Happy New Year!


  1. Welcome back! I did the same thing with blogging. Your holidays looked like they were packed with fun!!!

  2. Loving all your pictures! Here's to life getting back to normal! ;)

  3. WOW! Looks like you had such a great holiday!!!
    Isn't going home just the best!?

    Happy back to reality!


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