Friday, February 1, 2013

A Letter to my Former Self

It's that day of the week again! Time for some more letters to my former self link up! This week, the lovely Lisette is host and I am co hosting with Catalyn!  

This week's question:
"What did you think about dating and marriage the year before you met "the one?"

The year before I met my husband was a dramatic year for me. I was fresh out of college, living in a big city (Portland, Oregon) and had a new, professional nine to fiver. I was adjusting from college life to real/adult life. I lived in an apartment not far from the city and made the most of every weekend with my friends. 

Prior to this year, I was happy being single and enjoying time with my friends. This year, however was different. I don't know what my turning point was, but at this point I felt the need to actively look for a relationship (when you're actively looking it never happens, just FYI, former self). I was burned out after awhile. After a few crappy dates and such. I was over it. 

I didn't care anymore. I tried to focus on my friends and family. Developing my career, etc. Once I stopped trying to force things with all the wrong people in all the wrong environments, things came together. I met Jonathan one night at a mutual friend's house. We talked for hours. He never asked me for my phone number and disappeared at the end of the night. To say I was bummed would be an understatement. 

A few days later, I got a text from said mutual friend, asking if she could give my number to Jonathan. Of course I said yes. THEN Jonathan waiting to call me for 5 days after that. Talk about making a girl wait. Geez! And the rest is history :)

So, what I would like  to say to my former self in this letter, is to take a chill pill. Sit back, relax and enjoy the ride, that is life :)

And so that you're ready for next week's question:
Over the years, what did you learn you needed in a significant other?  What did you learn about yourself?
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  1. I pretty much told my young dumb self the same thing! Haha - if only we would've really received these letters, I know a lot less tears would've been shed.

  2. I've also had bad experiences that, looking back, probably stemmed from trying to force the chance for a relationship. But sometimes we can't help it when we live in a society that cashes in on the idea of love. I think it's a understandable mistake.

  3. Life is so funny some times! Patience is the hardest!!!

  4. It's so funny to see a recurring theme between all these letters. It comes to you when you've just about given up. Haha.

  5. I think we all had to learn patience first...before we could meet our Ones.
    And that, I think, was the toughest lesson to learn!

  6. I totally will never find that person when you are looking. You have to honestly give up. Honestly, not just saying you are "done" but still look! I wish we could have actually received these awesome would that have been? :)

    Classy with a Kick

  7. Always good words of advice. Things always come when you stop searching and demanding for them. :) So fun to read your link up!

  8. Haha, so cute! I met my husband through a Mutual friend in Gresham, Oregon!! ;) Nice to see some other PNW bloggers out there! I went to PSU for a short period of time! And that was the time found "the one" too! :)

  9. awww that was so cute, Jonathan really upheld that guy rule, huh? i'm kind of in your former-self's situation right now. i moved to downtown chicago and was having fun being single and hanging out with friends, not wanting any of that to change. and then boom, in walks in my now boyfriend and everything changed. so wierd how it all falls into place :)

    xo Marlen
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