Thursday, March 14, 2013

A Guest Post from Luna

Hey guys! I'm Luna. Nice to meet you!
I know my mom talks about me allllllll the time so I thought I would take a moment and tell you a little about myself, from my own eyes. Ok, ok, you're right. I begged my mom to let me write this post. I need some attention, too, OK?

First let's start with mornings. I don't do them. At all. I stay in bed until my mom pushes me around and makes me get out of bed so she can take me to the bathroom and go to work. There is bribery involved usually (cue evil laugh) :)
On the upside, I am really cute when I sleep:

I LOVE food. No, not my own food, obvi. Any food that my mom or dad have, I want it. And I won't stop looking cute and starring into their eyes until they share. And then when they do share (IF they share), I will beg for more. I deserve some. I am cute all day, that is exhausting. Give me that food.

Occasionally, my parents dress me as a redneck I am a redneck. I enjoy a cold BL while listening to sad country songs, by a bonfire, next to a lake. Awww, yeah.

I LOVE a good car ride. I prefer the front seat, which is where my DAD let's me sit. But my mom, no. She makes me sit in the back. I mean really, mom? I deserve the front seat (she says something about safety... um, what?). I am royalty, a princess, mom, get with it. When someone says "RIDE" I am suddenly a crazy lunatic (no pun intended). I jump all over everything and everyone, while growling and barking all at once expressing my excitement with words.

Well, I think that's the gist of it. Besides the occasional bone chewing session, that is my life. 
Peace out, sweet stuffs! I hope to be a guest here again soon!

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  1. Hi, Luna! You are so adorable.

    I will put my younger dog, Saint, on the keyboard so he can leave you a comment:


    (He said you would understand.)

  2. Love it. This is such a great idea...I might have to steal it and let my babies take over the blog one day! :)

    Classy with a Kick

  3. Luna, you should meet my dog, er, child, Nutmeg. You two have a lot in common. Although her mom lets her sit in the front seat of the car.


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