Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Tell Me: The One Food you Can't Stand

Today, I'd like to talk today about really something gross. You might want to stop reading if you have a sensitive stomach. 

You know how there is one food that you just can't eat. The one that makes you want to vomit just by hearing the word (s). Yeahhhh. That one. I know that feeling. That's how meatloaf makes me feel (gringe). And I am sorry that I am sharing this picture with you guys...It's disgusting. I just can't look at it.

The name puts it to shame. But also, the taste, ewww. And the tecture? Double ewww.
Also, one time, my Aunt said, "I love meatloaf, I mean, you can put anything you have in the fridge into the loaf, bake and boom--there's your dinner." Ummm, what? Makes me wonder what other people put in there... what is in THERE? Gross.
I can't talk about it anymore.
Now, you tell me. What is the one taste (or food) that you just can't stand? I can't wait to see what makes you cringe? ;)


  1. PUDDING. Dear god, I can't handle it. Just looking at it makes me nauseous.

  2. There are so many...

    Hummus, sushi, any casserole, mayo, mustard, salad... I really could go on and on

  3. I get a lot of heat for this...but potatoes! I hate them. I can have a shoestring fry now and then and I do love chips but baked potatoes, mashed potatoes - no way! Yuck!

  4. I hate bananas and oatmeal. Two things my kid loves. It's the mushy and just.....gross!!
    I have never eaten meatloaf before, but i'm pretty sure I wouldn't like it!!


  5. Meatloaf looks like somebody vomited up a couple of other foods, then decided to bake them together.

    I hate cream (creamed) corn and sweet potatoes.

  6. I'm on the meatloaf wagon, too! I don't even eat red meat anymore, so thankfully I don't have to deal with it, but the thought of a loaf of meat...

    K yep gotta stop now. Gagging at work. Gonna vom. Eww.

  7. hahahah this is so funny! that poor meatloaf, getting all this hate...haha! My hubs hates it too! The one food that makes me cringe are cucumbers. I can't even think of the smell without wanting to gag! I can't even eat lettuce if cucumbers have touched in on a salad! :(

    lol this post is great!

  8. Haha I happen to love meatloaf, but it is a totally disgusting concept. I can't stand cottage cheese - I've never even eaten it because the thought makes me sick!

  9. JELLO.
    UGHHHH I have such a texture issue... anything wiggly is NOT gonna happen... yogurt, pudding, etc. NO THANK YOU

    Also I am making meat loaf tonight. Its my BF's favorite. :)

  10. Celery. It makes me feels instantly nauseous just looking at it. Ewwwwww.

  11. Haha, this cracks me up. I think mine would have to be pudding.
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