Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Three Words

Did you watch?
I did. Duh.
Honestly, I thought there would be more crazy 'ish that went down, apprently I need more drama in my life! ;) I was glad that Tierra came back to face everything that happened. She was more laid back and quite this time. And she was REALLY nervous. Likely because she saw herself on TV, and maybe she realized she was crazy... maybe she isn't so crazy anymore. Ok, you're right, probably not. But really, good for her for coming back! She didn't have to (or did she? Lol).
What's this about her being engaged? Am I the only person who thinks that maybe she was with this guy the whole time? Maybe that's why she didn't hide her crazy, she had to get kicked off at some point.
I also don't think she really apologized and meant it. You can't just throw an, "I don't know what I did, but I am sorry" out there and think it's all dandy. You can't truly be sorry if you don't know what you did. AMIRIGHT?
Moving along to AshLee... I am not going to lie, she wasn't really one of my favorites of the girls, but I also don't think she would lie about Sean saying he had no feelings for the other two girls. But I also don't believe that Sean would say that either. So honestly, I don't know what to think. The only conclusion that I have is that AshLee stretched some words, and was trying to get back at him for what he did to her (not picking her). The girl is hurt, she's got some anger toward him naturally. What do you ya'll think?
Next week is the finale. Who do you want Sean to pick? I like both of these girls equally, but if I had to choose, I choose Lindsay. Even though Catherine is from Seattle and is cute as a button! And honestly, I think Sean likes Catherine more than Lindsay (I'm sure the producing of the show has no effect on my decision and is not swaying me one way or another;)
Who do you think Sean is going to choose?


  1. I vote for Catherine! But I honestly have no idea who he's going to choose..

  2. I'm with ya girl. I was expecting more T drama. But ya know...she's little miss nevada, probably has a reputation to withhold! ;) I thought AshLee came out, guns blazin like a bitter ex. I think she wanted to make Sean look bad, misconstrued his words about the feelings thing, and turned it around to make it sound worse. And I would love Lindsey or Lesley M to be the next Bachelorette!

  3. Honestly I would love to see Lindsey but I have a feeling its Catherine! I honestly think she is right though, he just seems to just kinda go with things.. nothing really sticks out that says he has feelings like it did with JP & Ashley.. idk maybe I am comparing too much! lol Happy Tuesday

  4. Tierra didn't disappoint last night - exactly how I thought she would be. Terrifed to sit in front of all them, but not really sorry for being a nut case. AshLee used to be one of my favs, but recently she has been strange. But she did look SO pretty last night!

  5. I Think Catherines going to win, but Lindsay is always been my favorite. I have a feeling the next bachelorette is between Lindsay and Sarah! My two favorites!!

  6. love WTA! but I agree with you, I don't think AshLee would lie about something Sean said, but I really don't think Sean would say that -makes no sense. I think AshLee interpreted it the wrong way and thought he said it.. but who knows. can't wait for the finale!

  7. I'm so sad I missed this last night! I vote Lindsay!

  8. Last night was a good WTA, but now Ashlee has joined Tierra on the crazy train. What was she thinking?! My vote's for Catherine - she seems like a fun, laid back, intelligent girl. Love Lindsay, but she may be a little too young and excited about making out ;)

  9. I've read spoilers so I know who is rumored to win. Out of the two it looks like him and Lindsay have more chemistry. But it looks like him and Catherine have more fun. We'll see how it plays out.

  10. I honestly don't know which to choose!


  11. I think Sean DID say something that made AshLee say that. He may not have said "I don't have feelings for them" but if you watch how he tells every.single.girl. the same "I'm crazy about you" and "You're my best friend" each episode, I would believe that in the fantasy suite moment, he'd say something like "You have nothing to worry about/you're nothing like the other girls/what we have is so different" -- enough to lead her on.

    I think Sean's family dynamic/intelligence level/maturity/commitment level matches better with Lindsey, but I still think he will pick Catherine. I like her, I just don't like THEM together.

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