Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Weekend Update: One Day Late

I sat down numerous times yesterday to write this post, my weekend update post. But that just didn't happen. So much going on over here, my head has not stopped spinning in WEEKS. But I am not going to lie, I am lovin' it!
I did a little shopping on Saturday (I just needed some time at the mall ;)
This song came on the radio. Tears formed at one point. This song is touching! #loveit
We partaked in some St Patrick's Day festivties. As in, green beer and some wine :)
His and Hers:
Why is that I can never find some thing cute and green? Ever.
A close friend of mine is going through a rough time right now, and I sent her this quote over the weekend. It is something a friend sent me years ago and has stuck with me. For all of you going through a rough time, here is some inspiration for your day :)
TOMORROW is the first day of SPRING! Come back tomorrow and link to share your favorite spring things!
Bright colors, flip flops, flowers... the list goes on and on!
AND, because no post is complete without a ridiculously cute pitcure of Luna :)


  1. Looks like a nice weekend! That song and video ALWAYS makes me cry.

  2. I can neverrrr find something cute & green either haha! I had a cute green shirt I wore around the holidays but it's too Christmas-y for this time of year!

    Luna is PRECIOUS :)

  3. I lovelovelove "I Drive Your Truck" it's so sweet, sad, but sweet.

  4. Love that quote.

    I have one billion cute green tops.

  5. That song by Lee Brice is so sad.

    Luna looks fabulous as always!

  6. I love that song. It's so sad :-(
    Thank you for sharing that quote!

  7. My sister's best friend and her family were in a car accident on their way to their family vacation the week before Thanksgiving. Her 16 year old younger brother didn't make it. At the time, her dad and him were restoring an old car for him to drive and the dad is continuing to restore it now in his honor. He drives it and it breaks my heart. This song makes me think of them every time it's on.

  8. Really? I find too many cute green things, it's kind of problem! :) Looks like you had a fun weekend! Love that Luna! :)

    Classy with a Kick

  9. That song gets me every time. I love the quote you shared with a friend.


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