Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Behind Your Name

Growing up I always complained about my name--thinking it was boring and common. I wanted to change it at one time or another (or 100 times), but I guess it's not that easy to change your name? Well, according to my mother at least.

Amanda was a popular name during the 80's (it was in the top ten names for babies until about 1995). In my kindergarten class, there were three Amandas. And when I was in middle and high school, there was another Amanda Jones (my maiden name). She was a couple years younger than I was and we had different middle names, but we do share a birthday. Apparently, October 25 is a popular birthday!

Side note: when I tried to celebrate the hubs' birthday on his half birthday he just laughed... I guess that was a joke?! Consider me fooled! Go here if you're confused right now. :)

The other Amanda Jones and I always were confused for each other. One time in middle school, the receptionist called me to the office and told me I needed to call my mom at a certain phone number right away. I was so confused... my mom would never do that. First off, it wasn't my mom's work number, her cell, or any other number I recognized. And my mom would never disrupt my day at school (my parents were ALL about being in school all day every day, I didn't get it at the time, but I sure do now!). If there was an emergency, she would come to the school or send someone, like a family member to get me.

My mother wanted to name me Colby, or maybe Kolby? We'll never know. But my father refused. So, therefore I was given Amanda. Honesty, I don't think that I am a Colby... but it's less common than Amanda, so I kind of like it. When I was 10 or so, I wanted to change my name to Brittany. Why? You ask. I have no idea. This, my friends, is a symbol of my young naïve self. Pleasant, isn't it? 

Anyways, enough complaining about something I clearly can not change.

Let's embrace our names today! Have you ever looked up the meaning of your name?

Amanda means loveable and worthy of love. <--- :="" amandus.="" and="" change="" d="" font="" form="" haha="" hilarious.="" i="" is="" isn="" it="" let="" like="" ll="" love="" loveable="" masculine="" maybe="" my="" myself="" name="" nbsp="" note="" of="" pretty="" s="" t="" take="" that...="" that="" the="" think="" to="" who="" will="" worthy="">
Do I look like an Amandus?
What is the meaning of your name?


  1. My name is so common too! There were always multiple people in my classes with the same name so I always went by Ashley B.

  2. My middle name is Amanda... that must mean SOMETHING, like we're both totally awesome or something of the sort!;)

  3. As an Ashley I know exactly how you feel. I always wanted to change my name to something cooler and unique, but nevertheless stuck with Ashley :)

  4. You look like reece witherspoon in that photo

  5. I hated my name growing up too...not because it was common but because nobody would pronounce it right...to this day people still don't. ;) I wanted to change mine to Jamie Lynn. Why? I have no idea. :)

  6. I had the exact same experience! It must have been something unique to being born in the 80s and being an "Amanda". I've never been sure if I fit Amanda, but I can't think of anything else I'd be! There were 4 of us in elementary school (3 in just my year) so were were called Amanda D, Amanda S, Amanda C etc xx

  7. Ha ha...Amandus! I love it! I used to hate my name...tried to change it my middle name, Allison, in school but that didn't work. Now I have grown to like it...and especially since my husband's name is Jack, it helps people remember us more!

    Amandus...so funny!

    Classy with a Kick

  8. Our names mean the same! ;) haha

    My parents didn't even have a name for me, my Nana picked it out. I love my first and middle name together.. Amanda Jane. The popularity never really bothered me.

  9. Haha I think no matter what we were named we wanted to change it at some point. I hated mine because it wasn't common - even in college people asked me if it was made up!

    My name means life and I'm Greek, but apparently there are Zoes in Russia, France, and Israel. Who knew?

  10. I think it is a pretty name.

  11. My parents named me Lisa Elizabeth Shirley. They wanted to name me Elizabeth Shirley and call me Lisa, but the nurse convinced them that Lisa wasn't short for Elizabeth. Which it totally is and she was totally wrong. I hated that I had two middle names, especially since one of those middle names was absolutely worthless. I was also ashamed of my old-lady middle name Shirley until about middle school, when my grandma, whom I was named for, died, and I realized I shouldn't be ashamed to be the only one named after her. But I was able to fix my problem-- when I was married, I dropped the Elizabeth, so now my name is Lisa Shirley Jones. I was going to name my daughter Elizabeth to make up for the dropping, but it looks like I am destined to only have boys. :(

  12. Love that pic of you! Gorgeous! I've been told that my name means things that I'm not too fond of...sooo....I would rather just make up something else :-)
    My name is Adrienne Marie and I used to hate it! My mom wanted to name me Sophie and I was like..."Well good thing you didn't humiliate me with that one"...but now I absolutely love the name Sophie and have thought about if I had a girl that's what I would name her!

  13. If I was to be a girl, my mom wanted to name me Taylor. And if I was a boy, Justin. I came first and my brother came second. So she got to use both names. When I was born, Taylor was not a popular girls name. More popular for the boys. So I grew up not ever being able to find things with my name on them...in the girl form. I eventually just stopped looking. ;) LOL
    I remember in elementary school there was a boy named Taylor (in my grade). His real name was Adrian and I couldn't understand why he had to go by my name. He moved away and then would come back and then around 11th grade he came back and I thought, just great, I'm going to graduate with another Taylor. But thankfully he left again for good and I was the only Taylor in my graduating class. ;) I'm weird, I know!

  14. A fellow CG wife?! Happy to find you ;)


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