Friday, April 5, 2013

Friday, Friday!!

Happy Friday!!! I am so glad you all loved my recipe yesterday. My friend Zoe pointed out a great way to make it a little less buttery and creamy:

Zoe is always sharing awesome recipes, too! And they are usually healthier (gluten free) versions of incredible recipes! She's also the cutest red head you'll ever come across and she's getting married, too!

Yesterday, I was guest posting on Jess's blog, Tooth N Nails--I EXPOSED my addiction to reality TV. Don't judge me.

Some of my other favorite links from the week:

Megan's tutorials... she's just the cutest. Clip in extension tutorial and beach waves tutorial.

We all know that The Daily Tay is hilar. Let's just all give her a round of applause for this post.  Pretty funny!!

I am an endorphins addict (in addition to the reality TV) and I love working out as well as eating right. And I enjoy educating others on this importance and helping them through obstacles.

My gluten intolerance has really forced helped me to focus on fruits, veggies and lean protein, so I suppose it was a good thing :) Cara from In Search of Sunshine wrote a great post on staying motivated to be healthy and active. You can see it here. My favorite thing about this post is that I discovered that you can purchase a Breville juicer for $99 from Crate and Barrel (SURPRISE! you don't have to save up $350 to get your own juicer!). Juicing is an amazing way to get in all of the nutrients your body needs in one drink. And you can find some pretty tasty recipes too. Here is a good recipe to start with! I've heard great things from people who have incorporated juices into their diet--their skin is perfect, they feel more awake, they lose weight, etc.

Do you juice? Share your favorite recipes in the comments :)

Have a very happy Friday!


  1. Still checking up on blogs, need to go see this ASAP :)

  2. Aw Amanda, you are the sweetest! We are going to be swapping GF recipes for a long time ;) Here's that turkey burger I Tweeted!


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