Thursday, May 2, 2013

Education: How I Eat Clean

I'm back for my second post of the Blog Everyday in May post. Today's challenge is to educate you on something I am knowledgeable on. I considered writing about how to become a runner, but because I have already done that, I thought I would focus on something else: clean eating!!

I've always been a (semi) healthy eater. Don't get me wrong. I love pizza, chips, pasta. You name some junk food and I will probably immediately start to crave it (but let's not name any right now... my GF diet doesn't allow any of that).

I realize that a lot of this clean eating stuff is way easier said than done. The one thing to think about is that this is a life style, not a diet (I hate that word--diet. If you ask me, it has a negative connotation, but that's just me). Also, PLEASE don't deprive yourself of occasional eating a cookie or having some French fries. I see it ALL the time--people burn themselves out. They eat healthy and never go near a card or anything fried, they workout everyday and one day they are so burned out that they order Dominos, sit on the couch and drink wine for 22 nights in a row. Then wake up one day and realize they are right back where they started. Just know your limits. Practice making conscious decisions :) We all know that we need to nourish our bodies, right? Focus on that!

Here are some general guidelines I go by:
1. PLAN. This one takes time. I have a specific Pinterest board that is dedicated just to clean eating. Each week, usually Sunday, I open that board for ideas. Mostly dinner ideas. And find 4 to 5 dinners and add all the ingredients to my grocery list. I like to find new ideas for breakfasts and some snack type foods. I usually pin things to my clean eating board and then make a grocery list for the week. For breakfast I love to make these and eat with some fruit.

2. PREPARE. Take the time (weather it's Saturday, Sunday, Monday--whenever!) to prepare foods and make it super simple for you and the family to have healthy snacks you can grab and go. When I buy fruits and veggies, I clean and cut them and put them in baggies so they are easily accessible. I will actually eat them if I do this. Otherwise, it goes bad.

3. EXPLORE. Find new healthy foods that you enjoy. Don't be afraid to try something new. Google recipe that include ingredients that you like. There are SO many free resources online. Use them! Research and knowledge goes a trillion miles further than none.

As a side note, get a juicer! I recently purchased one for $100 and I LOVE it. I make a batch for a few days and keep it in the fridge so I don't have to juice something every day (it takes a lot to clean the juicer). It's a perfect way to get in fruit and vegetable nutrients.

Erika is pretty amazing, and GORG, check out her blog for some inspiration! Also, Andrea has some good posts, too! Maybe "My Fav Healthy Bloggers" can be a whole separate post!

Get out there and do it people! I know you can! We can do this together :)


  1. Love this post! I've been wanting to make the move to clean eating for a while but it seems like so much work! Your post makes it seem less intimidating. What juicer brand do you recommend? Stopping by from SOML!

  2. I agree that "diet" is not a good word. People need to understand that everybody has one - "diet" refers to what a creature eats and drinks. What they need to do is focus on forming a *healthier* diet and healthier habits!

  3. YEs!! a juicer is such a great idea. My favorite is the blender- I just throw a bunch of random healthy crap in the blender, add a bit of sugar and ice...and boom! It somehow still tastes good :)

    Thanks for sharing!

    PS. Visiting from The story of my life May challenge :)

  4. Thanks for this post-I'm embarking starting on Monday on a yeast-free lifestyle change. And I am in need of a)motivation b)variety and c)recipes!
    Thanks girl!

  5. Love this post!! So excited that you got a juicer! Wahoo! Thanks for mentioning me and your sweet words!! Wishing you the best on this journey and of course you know you have my support.

    Get it girl.


  6. Great post! I'm GF too and my day 2 subject was about clean eating as well! Isn't is amazing the differnce your body feels when you eat HEALTHY?! Night and day! I'll have to check out your Pinterest board :)

  7. Love this! I try my hardest to eat healthy, especially because we want our girls to be healthy.


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