Sunday, May 5, 2013

One Love

Today for Blog Every Day in May I am challenged with sharing one blogger that I am in love with. Challenge indeed! One blog? That's it? Hmmm....

I contemplated for awhile because there are numerous blogs I read on a daily basis, that I don't wait to sign into Bloglovin' to read their post for the day, I know their URL by heart and I look forward to the shenanigans and giggling that will ensue as soon as the page loads (heyyy, Whitney, Jess and Janae). But I decided to share with you not one of my blogging friends, but also my real life friend, too! We worked together in Portland and she now lives in Amsterdam! I'd like to say she inspired me to start this blog, because I met her, read her blog and decided to get my feet wet in blogland, too! Fast forward several years later, and here we are!

It's Liz from Explore.Dream.Discover!

Liz lives in Amsterdam with her husband and their pup--the cutest, Henry! She got married a few years ago at a beautiful winery in Oregon. Her pictures are beyond stunning. You can see her wedding here :)

Her and her husband travel around Europe often and she posts the most beautiful pictures of their adventures. Her pictures alone make me want to drop everything and travel to Europe, just be warned!

But more than anything, Liz is one of the sweetest and most caring person I've met. Go check her out and follow along on her journey!

Have a wonderful Sunday!


  1. Sounds beautiful indeed! Amazing photo! Lovely!

  2. Lovely that you are participating in the Blog Ever Day in May challenge. I recently jumped on the blog wagon so was struggling with yesterday topic - saying that I really like your blog and have been following you for a while on bloglovin'. I'm so impressed about the frequency and QUALITY of you posts. Did it take some time for you to get into it or does is flow on naturally?
    I guess this would have been a great entry at yesterday's post!

    Happy Monday
    Ciao/ Isabel


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