Friday, July 12, 2013

Coming up to Speed!

My dear friends, I am so sorry for the radio silence. Woah. Life has a way of taking my attention elsewhere. I never meant to put this little blog on the back burner, but as I said, sometimes life gets in the way. More specifically, moving gets in the way. I had the intentions of blogging during our journey across the country. The hubs, dog and I were supposed to be in one vehicle and it was supposed to be good bonding time, while stuck in a small space... ;) 

I planned to do some blogging while I was in the passenger seat. I also had big plans to house hunt, read a book, catch up on Twitter--the list goes on and on.  However, my booty was never once in the passenger seat of my Jeep. Not once. The shipping company that was supposed to ship my husband truck fell through at the last minute, which meant we were both driving our own cars. Yayyyy.... (cue sarcasm). Also cue exhausting 13 hour driving days. 1a.m. bedtimes, 7a.m. wake up calls and one confused and sad puppy. Thank goodness that is over! 

In three days, we drove from Florida to Arizona to visit my stepdaughter and some of our friends. We stayed for a few days--one five-year-old during the day (the cutest five-year-old ever, I might add) and six of some of the best friends during the night. We sang karaoke, played mini golf, BBQ'd, boated, swam and enjoyed a beverage or two. It was a jam packed long weekend, but a weekend I will never forget! Cheers to the nights we will never remember, with the friends we will never forget!!

Seriously, best friends ever. At one point, we were trying to convince our boys that we all needed to move to Arizona. 
After we left Phoenix, we headed to Los Angeles, AKA our new home! We started house hunting almost immediately. Not having a place to live added so much stress to this whole moving saga. In the midst of all of it, we heading south to San Diego to see two of our very dear friends tie the knot! Jonathan was the officiant--the most handsome officiant there is! 
We also visited our other friends in San Diego, where I immediately stole their baby :) 
Looking for a house in an area that you don't know very well is not an easy task, people. We wanted to rent a house, with a yard for Luna. But we ain't rich enough for that! So for now, we are renting an apartment and hopefully in a year, we can find a house. I will not complain about the view from our patio:
Strangely, Luna is not a huge water dog... the waves scare her. And she barks if we go into the water, as if she's scared for us. Haha! You can see here that we were pulling her into the water so she could see it wasn't so bad: 
We spent our fourth of July unpacking and organizing but we did catch a firework show over the ocean. :)
 I think that catches you up to where I am now! Thank you all so so much for sticking around during my hiatus! Stay tuned for more :)


  1. Is that view of the ocean from your apartment? or a hallway?
    What city/area are you living?
    I'm going to send you a list of all the must see places in SoCal!
    Are you job hunting?
    I'm so glad you blogged!
    (Round 1 of 20 Questions...Complete.)

  2. That sounds like a fun adventure! Glad you made it safely and found a's to settling into new locations and starting fresh!

  3. so happy to see you are alive! ;) and had a safe move!Welcome to Cali! :)

  4. Yayy, been thinking about you lady... glad that the move is behind you and you're getting all settled out west! Can't wait for more blogging now! :)

  5. So glad you are getting all settled and loved reading about your newest adventure. I would love to live out there...good luck!


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