Thursday, July 25, 2013

HANAair Review

A couple months ago, Misikko sent me the HANAair Professional Hair Dryer to review. To say I was excited is an understatement. I have seen other bloggers review it (or something similar) and I was jelly. Like real jelly. 

I've been using the dryer for about two months and I've seen a huge improvement in my hair. Ya'll know how much my hair blows (pun intended), so getting even just a little improvement is a huge step. I feel like I have tried everything to make my hair thicker, grow or look nice for that matter. Nothing has worked. Nothing. Any tricks are welcome in the comments!

Pros of HANAair Professional Hair Dryer:
- My hair dries SO fast! Like 2 minutes fast.
- My hair is significantly less frizzy than when I blow dry with my $10 hair dryer from Wal-Mart
- My hair is so SOFT! 
- There are quite a few settings to satisfy your mood for the day. Warm is WARM, like almost hot. HOT is really hot, which is good if you're trying to dry really fast. Same with the speeds--low is really like a high and high is REALLY high. 

Cons of HANAair Professional Hair Dryer:
- The cord is really long. I find this a CON because it takes some energy to wrap up to put away, I'm lazy.
- It is heavy! Usually that means QUALITY, so this could be seen as a PRO, too. But my wrist hurts sometimes when I am done. :/

I am not sure I would have paid almost $200 for a hairdryer. But had I known I would be receiving the benefits, I would definitely consider making the investment. Totally worth it! 

Have you tried the HANAair hairdryer? 


  1. I want one! I was just thinking today that I've had my blow dyer for like 13 years. Hey but it must be good quality if it's lasted this long.

  2. I need a good blow dryer. My hair is thick, wavy, and frizzy! I wish it wasn't so expensive!

  3. Professional hairdryers are the BEST! Cuts my drying time down so much - lucky you for getting to review this! :)

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  4. Cute blog! New follower, hoping you'll follow back :)


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