Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Save the Date: Southern California Blogger Social: November 3

Hola! Happy Hump Day! Am I the only one who thinks the camel hump day commercial is hilar? Haha Maybe it's because that camel has the same personality as me: annoying, if I think I am funny persistent.


I'm here with some GREAT news for Southern California bloggers. One requirement: you have to like wine blogging. :)

Jill (she blogs at Classy with a Kick) once commented with amazing advice on a blog rant post I wrote about how I have a love/hate relationship with my hair. Mostly hate, but I am trying to be positive here! You can read the full story here, if you'd like some advice on your hair, too :)  

That comment blossomed into a "blogship" (friendship + blog - obvi). We've since been avid readers of each other's blogs. When I lived in Florida and was preparing for my move to SoCal, every comment one of us made always ended in some sort of plan of what we would do when we met in person--because it was going to happen, we were meant to be.

One day, we came up with the idea to let all of the other beautiful SoCal bloggers in on our fun. And that is when So Cal Sistas was born and we started to plan our first social/blate/meet up.  
Ladies! Save the date for November 3!

The meet up is open to all bloggers, so please spread the word (Non-SoCal bloggers are welcome if you'll be in the area)!

The exact location is TBD, but will be in the Laguna Beach area (it's half way between LA and San Diego and quiet gorg so it's perfect!). Comment below or email me (amanda.rice12 (at) if you're down for mimosas, brunch and blogging. What else do you need in your life? Nothing, I promise you.

*We won't be posting exact location and time on the So Cal Sistas blog in order to save our lives from the internet trolls. So be sure to comment or send an email so we can get you on our evite list!

So Cal Sistas is the blog where we will keep all of the most up-to-date information about our events and your fellow SoCal bloggers will be making appearances as well (shoot me an email if you'd like to write a guest post: amanda.rice12 (at)

We're SUPER excited to meet all of you in person!

Don't heistate to reach out with any questions!




  1. Hi! My name is Abby and I moved from Boston to San Diego a month ago. I have a fashion and style blog called The Fabulous Life of a Natural Disaster ( I would love to be included and meet up - I am always looking to meet new people/bloggers :) Thanks for organizing!


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