Tuesday, October 22, 2013

The Best Surprise

You guys. I pulled off the biggest surprise of my lifetime. Like, seriously the biggest surprise.
My husband and I share the same birthday. Except this year, it's his 30th.
So naturally (six months ago) I started planning a surprise party and invited everyone. That's not an understatement. I sent emails and text messages to all of our friends. I am pretty proud I didn't accidentally spill the beans. There were some close calls!
Six months later, this happened:
His sister flew in Friday night (if you don't know my husband, his sister and him are the closest siblings I've ever met, like BBFs, except with me in there, too ;)), I picked her up from the airport Friday afternoon and took her back to our house where my husband was waiting for me (he thought I was picking him up a present, which I was, but he thought it was Laker's tickets--in his dreams!). He was in shock for at least an hour, kept asking me to pinch him, which I did didn't.

We went out for sushi where two more of his friends walked in to join us soon after. At this point, he was so confused as to why they are there. He turned to me with a confused look and ask me if that was them. It certantiy was! I wish I had this on film!

After dinner he told me, "no more surprises." And I smiled and nodded (and laughed an evil laugh). Little did he know, I had something else up my sleeve.

The next day, I told him I had to meet with my friend Katie who I help with her small biz PR. I left him, his sister and two friends and headed to the restaurant. Actually, first I went to Party City where there was a bajillion people and no helium (a national shortage?). So I left. Empty handed. I went to WalMart and ended up with streamers. Thankfully I had already purchased other decor.

I met up with friends at the restaurant who helped me decorate. There was about 15 of us--a pretty good sized group. The poor kid had no idea. He even noticed a birthday party on the patio and still believed I was sitting out there waiting for him to watch football.
The rest of the night consisted of eating, presents dressing up in party decor and catching up!
In the below picture, the boy in the blue shirt is my husband's friend from Boston! He was probably the most surprised (and happy, as you can see by the hug) to see him.
You can also see me fist pumping in the second picture, because HOTDAMN I got him good!

If you need a party planner, you know where to find me ;)


  1. So sweet!!! Looks like a great birthday!

  2. That is the best, 2 days of surprises! Looks like a ton of fun!

  3. That's absolutely awesome! What a wonderful gesture of your love!

  4. That's so cute! And way to go keeping that surprise!!

  5. That's awesome. I love surprise parties, glad you could pull it off :)


  6. Awww, what a good wife... I'm sure he'll never forget this birthday, so sweet of you! And you look adorable, as always! :)

  7. How fun! You are the best event planner ever. I will keep that in mind when I plan my next event. :)


  8. This is so sweet! What an awesome weekend of surprises! My husband's 30th birthday is in May and I can't wait to start planning the surprise!


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