Thursday, October 10, 2013

#vegasprobs: What to Wear

We are heading to Vegas on Friday for the weekend for an early birthday celebration (for me, the hubs and a couple of our friends who all have October birthdays). I started packing last night because tonight we are heading North to drop Luna off at the babysitter's house. Yes, I talk about my dog as if she was my child. She IS my child.

Back to the packing. I have, in a pile on the floor, all of the outfits I plan to take including accessories. I felt quite accomplished last night. Fast forward to this morning and I am second guessing EVERYTHING in that pile.  Let me give you a glance into my thoughts, if I may: that lace dress, I wore that to a Christmas party last year. The striped one isn't dressy enough. OH! The leather pants. I haven't worn them yet. Vegas will be perfect. Those aren't in the pile. What shirt am I going to wear with them? Do I have time to go shopping? Definitely not. Damn.

Dear god. How am I going to concentrate on anything else when I have so many decisions to make.

For the rest of the day, you can find me starring off into space, imagining my closet and what I can wear with those leather pants.




  1. We are headed to Vegas next weekend!!! Where are you staying? Have so much fun!

  2. vegas is such a cool place! i hope you have fun! you have such a cute blog! looking forward to getting to know you better :) and good luck with those leather pants!

  3. How was I never following your blog before! So excited to meet you at the So Cal Meet up! Make sure to check back to my blog for a chance to win a $50 gift card to Nordstrom!



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