Thursday, October 24, 2013

What's Hot at Trader Joe's Right Now!

So, today is totally my Friday. And tomorrow is totally my 21st birthday. And tonight I am totally picking up one of my BFFs from the airport to spend the weekend with me. Ok, I will quit with the totally. But for realz, I am excited to say the least.

Moving right along. I am not sure I have expressed to all of you my love for Trader Joe's. It is a deep deep love. When I lived in Florida, the closest location was an HOUR away. And yes, I did make frequent trips there. Usually I made a day out of it. Now that we are back on the right West Coast Trader Joe's are scattered everywhere. This is where I do most of my grocery shopping. The locations are always clean, the people are always nice and helpful and it's affordable. I can purchase organic produce for what I would pay for non-organic elsewhere. One time I paid $10 for three organic mangoes, at Von's a store that will remain nameless.

Trader Joe's is famous for their unique and sometimes strange (but delish) products. Every year when Fall rolls around they have a million different kinds of pumpkin products (including pumpkin spice coffee--one of my faves).    

Their products are rotated, sometimes too quickly, and I find myself falling in love with one of their products and then BAM, it's gone. And then I cry. And throw a fit.

Here's what I am loving at Trader Joe's right now and you better hurry and get yo' self some before I buy all of them they are all gone!

1. Gone Bananas!
These are more addicting than crack. Don't say I didn't warn you. At least there's fruit in there.
2. Coconut Cashews
I ate the entire bag in two days.
3. Pumpkin Spice Chai
I am pretty sure this is not gluten free (though I can't spot what in it isn't) but it is 100% worth the stomach ache. Yumm!
I spend a lot of time with my friend Joe, so I will keep you posted on the yummy YUMMY items they come out with next!


  1. I love Trader Joe's food! They have the best selection! So bummed I could not make it today for the meet up but the next one I will be there!


  2. So great meeting you yesterday at the blogger meet up! You are absolutely adorable. Now following you :)

    Xo, Amanda

  3. Trader Joe's was one of my favorite things about California! I got my husband hooked too and he hates grocery shopping :) I hate how far away the Sarasota and Gainesville ones are. I think I've been to each of them once... wish I could go daily.


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