Tuesday, November 26, 2013

jet planes

No, no. That's not right. I am NOT leaving on a jet plane. I am leaving in vehicle. To Oregon. A truck to be exact. Why? Well, a couple of months ago when we were making Thanksgiving plans, I had the brilliant idea to drive from LA to Portland, instead of taking said jet plane. Why? Because I am cheap. And it was much cheaper to pay for gas (and doggie daycare) than it was to buy two plane tickets. Therefore, when I get off work tonight, we are making our way to the North West! ROADTRIP!!!! No, we are not going to see Kim and Kayne. Not this time, at least. ;)

I am BEYOND ecstatic to be back home for a few days. It has been almost a year since I've been back and almost a year since I've seen my parents. I can't believe it has been a year. It should be illegal to go that long without seeing your parents. It's the longest I've ever gone and oh my gosh.... SO EXCITED. Cue longest work day ever.

I packed last night and this morning--I tried to remember how to dress in 30 degree weather. I guess we will find out, but let's be honest. I am going to freeeeeeze. Regardless of what I bring. I left a huge pile for my husband to pack into the car this afternoon. I am sure he is just waking up and seeing it, and thinking about how much he loves his wife. I am sure of it!
 photo Portlandweather_zpsaedf89a6.png
It's going to be a whirlwind of a trip. Luna is going to meet her two cousins, her uncle and grandparents. And the whole rest of the fam! But most importantly (besides the actual dinner on Thanksgiving;), we are going to Autzen to see the Ducks play the Beavers, also known as the Civil War. I haven't been back to Autzen in YEARS. And the way the Ducks have been playing lately [tear... :( ]  the Beavs are going to give us a run for our money. I hope FSU goes to the National Championship and tears Alabama a new one (no offense to any Alabama fans that read this blog, I still love you). :)

My parents host Thanksgiving every year and the whole fam comes over and we eat a huge meal around 1pm and then have leftovers for dinner later that night. We watch Christmas movies and look over the Black Friday ads and map our hit list! My mom and I wake up at 3am (like crazy people) and go shopping on Black Friday. I always have the best intentions of Christmas shopping for other people, but I always end up just buying things for myself. I am going to try and change that this year! Wish me luck.

What are YOUR plans for Thanksgiving!?
Are you going shopping on Black Friday?


  1. I support the road trip! Its a much better view. I live in Texas and our nature prettiness is lacking. I visited Portland earlier this year and loved it! So much green and mountains, it was beautiful. I'm just going to my parent's house 10 minutes away from my apartment. I dont think I could go a year without seeing them. So I hope you have fun!

  2. Safe travel!!! Happy Thanksgiving! xx

  3. have a great time! you are much braver than i to willingly visit a place that is that cold!

  4. Have the best time - especially at Autzen! Like not seeing your parents for a year, it should be illegal to go this long without watching the Ducks play. I am a criminal and I need to be stopped! Enjoy Oregon and take lots of deep breaths in that great, clean air :)

  5. Wasn't able to go home this year, but going back to Washington (state) for Christmas and cannot wait! I need my Pacific Northwest trips to remind me of fresh air and mountains. NYC has concrete mountains but they simply don't compare. Hope you had a great trip!


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