Thursday, November 7, 2013


About a year ago I caved and bought a juicer. I had been avoiding looking into purchasing one. I assumed they were all $400, but I stumbled across this one and purchased it right away! It is smaller and I can usually only make one (large) serving before having to dump the waste and clean it. But it works for me--I don't usually make big batches and the price tag ain't too shabby either. Did I just say ain't?
I have experimented a lot with different recipes over the last year and have narrowed down what I like and what I don't like. The experimenting is the most fun part of juicing!
I think it just takes experimenting to really narrow it down. I like beat in its solid form. But I do not like them in juice. The flavor is just too strong. But I love adding lemons and celery!

What you need:
-green apple
-lemon (I love the tang!)
I recommend juicing more vegetables than fruit due to the amount of sugar in fruit. It will cause your blood sugar to spike, then drop. AKA: energy --> no energy (sleepy time)
If you prefer the sweetness, I recommend juicing one (or two small) green apples and the rest vegetables. Your taste buds will eventually adjust. Mine did!
I am not a big fan of juice cleanses. Personally, I like to EAT. And cook.
Note: Juicing is not an excuse to not eat your vegetables! When you juice vegetables, you are removing most (if not all) of the fiber. Those are nutrients your body NEEDS.
Juicing does give your body other nutrients that your body needs, just don't use juicing as an excuse to not eat your vegetables :)
Erika has a great post with lots more information about juicing!
What is your favorite juicing recipe?


  1. That looks delicious! I have been looking for a juicer; what kind did you buy?

  2. I loved juicing except I realized one big thing. I stopped being "regular" because I wasn't getting the fiber in the vegetables. Which in turn led to me adding metamucil to my juices lol!

  3. i can't take the dive yet. everyone i know is soooo into juicing but the thought of all those veggies in one beverage does not sound appealing to me. this is coming from a girl who wouldn't eat veggies up until 3 years ago! i might slowly embrace juicing...haha

  4. Nooooooo! I want an excuse to not eat my veggies!!!!

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  6. mmm I love a good great juice. be still my heart.


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