Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Winter Running Tips

It's starting to get cooler in SoCal. Well, by cooler I mean highs in the 70's. But it's bound to get a little cooler. But what do I know? I just moved here. Daylight savings time means it is getting darker earlier which means more treadmill runs for this girl. Except on the days that I convince my husband to ride his bike while I run, wish my luck with that one.

Personally, I like running in cooler weather. Which is why I only ran outside in Florida in January, sometimes. There were many days and nights spent on the treadmill in the swamp Florida. When I lived in Oregon I ran outside year round and only hopped on the treadmill when there was a down pour. Running in the rain can be very exhilarating, but there is a very clear line when the rain is just too too much.

It never rains in Autzen Stadium SoCal, but there have been a few chilly mornings and nights that I have had to search my brain to remember how to dress in said weather. I'm officially starting half marathon training this week (eeek!) so cold morning or night runs will very well be in my future! I am determined to finish in less than two hours... I missed this PR during my last race by 24 seconds, 24 SECONDS! I don't want to talk about it.
Here are my favorite tricks I used when living in Oregon and running outside, to stay warm and dry during winter runs.

1. Dress for the end of the run. I always made this mistake! Your body heats up pretty quickly once you get moving. Keep that in mind when getting dressed. If it's really chilly (in the 30's) wear pants and two layers on top. If it's windy, you can add a wind breaker jacket. The Nike Women's Cyclone running Jacket is one of my faves. Super lightweight.

2. Cover up mostly where heat leaves your body--your hands and head. Personally, my hands are always cold, so gloves are usually necessary.  I have heard awesome reviews about the Run with Me Ear Warmers. I will be putting it on my Christmas wish list, as well as this one.

4. Warm up your body before going outside. This is one of Hungry Runner Girl's tricks. She suggests you do jumping jacks or run around your kitchen table a couple times to warm up your body. The cold won't feel so cold :)

3. Grab a friend! Motivation is key. It's so much easier to go out for a run in the frigid cold when you know you have someone who is relying on you to show up. You'll also have someone to talk to to make the run go by at lightning speed!

Happy running!!

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What are you winter running tips?


  1. I really wish I loved running! These are great tips and some of them seem so simple yet I never would have thought about it.

  2. super exciting you are training for a half!!! Great tips for running here.. now if only I can use this gym membership I just purchased!

  3. ahhhh. 24 seconds?!! i know you said you didn't want to talk about it so we'll stop there. half marathon training is a love/hate relationship for me, so props to you for doing it!

  4. I just started training for my first run ever a 5K! I'm starting slow as I can barely finish a full mile- and in 13 minutes at that :( But gotta start somewhere :)

  5. Those are all great tips! Thank you for sharing! I am training for my first long run on January 25th so I am expecting it to be pretty chilly :-)


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