Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Find the Good

We all have the days that just don't seem to go right. The days that drag on and on and get worse by the minute. We have days that having everything is never enough. We want and want and want. The endless marketing and advertising campaigns in our faces and over-the-top beautiful celebs and models have us thinking, "why can't I have that? Why don't I look like that?" 

We all get really busy, especially this time of year. There are holiday parties to attend, decorations to be assembled, family to visit, treats to be made, food to be eaten, presents to be bought. The list goes on and on. It's easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of the season and get frustrated with the amount of items on our to-do lists (more items than we can humanly finish). I am exceptionally hard on myself this time of year. I am a true perfectionist and everything has to be perfect. Every gift I buy has to be mouth-dropping good and if it's not, it consumes me. My decorations are never as good as others on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and I should not have eaten that cookie (and instead went for a run).  My mind moves at one billion miles an hour, obvi. I hope all of your guys are a little more sane than I am, because I don't wish that on anyone!

We all need a reminder sometimes that we are actually doing quite well for ourselves. And others, who are not doing well, we should be there for them. That is a big part of this season. 

We are alive, fed and happy. There is good in every situation. You just have to find it.

'Tis the season and cheers to finding the good and remembering the good :)

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