Monday, December 2, 2013

The Death of Me: Traffic

Happy Monday! Who else is still hung over from Thanksgiving break? I am. Ugh.
We drove from LA to Oregon and I promise you that will NEVER happen again. Ever. Ever. You can feel free to slap me if I even consider it.
We left LA around 4pm on Tuesday. We get on the road and start to head north, I get out my GPS to see the traffic (we knew there would be traffic getting out of LA, that's a given. I just wanted to see how much traffic). This is what I saw. TRAFFIC EVERYWHERE.
We had intentions of staying the night outside of San Fran and finishing the drive in the morning. However, I fell asleep and my husband kept driving and driving, and driving.... We ended up making it to my parent's house around 7am on Wednesday morning. After a quick nap, we headed to Power Station at McMenamins Edgefield for lunch.
 Thanksgiving Day my parent's house was filled with 27, yes, 27 people!
And this happened:
 Heart = melted 
The day after Thanksgiving my mom and I woke up at 3:30 to hit up some black Friday shopping. We had realized the night before that EVERY store was actually opening up at 8pm on Thursday. So, apparently we don't do black Friday anymore. It's black Thursday. I don't know if I like my Thanksgiving being called black...
Anyway, my mom and I got up early and there was almost no one at the mall. It was amazing! All of the workers told us that we were there at the right time (4:30am) because it had been crazy an hour before then. We got all the deals we wanted (we weren't shopping for an expensive appliance that happened to be 90% off) so it was a win-win!
Afterwards, I headed South for the Civil War game (Oregon vs. Oregon State). The Ducks won, obvi :)
I was reunited with family and college friends and it was just so much. I want to be taken back there. Like, now.
 Luna had her very first scuffle with a dog and her first emergency vet visit. My parents have an older black lab who thinks she rules the house (which let's be honest, she does!). She tried to take Luna's treat and it ended in an eye gash.... then an infected eye. She's much better now :)
 We also sat in traffic for FIVE HOURS. I just can't even believe I survived. It was ridiculous. NEVER EVER driving to Oregon. We left my parent's house at 5:30am and got home at midnight. MIDNIGHT. I was up at 5:30am for work. To say I am exhausted is an understatement.
Sign me up with, Delta!
The above picture is Luna staring at the cows. So hilarious how she would not take her eyes off of them!

How was your Thanksgiving!?

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  1. Traffic is the worst!! Good to know that whole chunk of the US is not road trip friendly. Glad the rest of your break was nice!


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