Wednesday, January 29, 2014

{120 Hours}

I'm late today. As in, totally late in posting! It's already 4:10PM. I opened Blogger this morning to start a post...and nope, that didn't happen. 

Anyway, moving along. This could result in the most randomness of post I've ever written. 

We went to Arizona this weekend and had such a blast.

Let's talk about how this little ball of sass is SIX YEARS OLD now. Really? Cray. 
 photo Oceanna_zps3a0823bd.jpg
 photo Oceanna1_zps4399990b.jpg
Tomorrow is Thursday. Which means the next day is Friday. Which means the weekend is practically already here already! That also means SUPER BOWL (translation: eat a lot of food, my favorite activity ever).

My closet needs a serious make over. Which means I need to go shopping. Shopping makes me happy :) 

Right now, there are Chile Colorado Burritos in my crockpot. This makes me happy. There will be little to no prep and dinner will be served (and the hubs will be happy)! 

At about 4PM today, I hit a wall. I am so tired I just about fell over. Sometimes I wish it was appropriate to lay your head on your desk and take a quick nap. Or under your desk. It would just make the day a little easier. ;) 

Once a month, a food truck parks itself right outside of our front door. It's amazing, really. Convenient, too. I don't have to cook or go anywhere to get dinner. Win, win. Also, they are opening a food and wine bar in my building and everyday I check to see if it's open... not yet, but soon (so they say). 

And there you have it, the last 120 minutes of my life. :)

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  1. Just found your blog!! You are gorgeous and I can't wait to keep reading! :-)


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