Friday, January 31, 2014

{Five on Friday}

Two days until the Seahawks win the Super Bowl!
If you need some inspiration on what to serve your guest, check out my gluten free Super Bowl dishes!

Monday, February 3 is National Frozen Yogurt Day! 
Yogurtland is celebrating. You can count me IN ...with three spoons. 

On the news this morning, they featured a dog that was up for adoption. And oh my GOSH! This dog was Luna's twin. Or brother. You MUST see him (and adopt him if you can, my hubs won't let me). You can see him here.

I am overly obsessed with Tone it Up on Bravo. The show inspires you to want to work out and Karen and Katrina are hilarious. I am so sad the show is ending next week! 

It's FRIIIIIIDAY. Thank you, Jesus. 

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  1. What a cutie! Every dog up for adoption I see I want to adopt. Dream job is running a sanctuary for dogs. Sadly that's not highly in demand. I wonder if Yogurtland is free in NYC, too??? They just expanded here and there is one just a couple blocks from my apartment! And, of course... GO SEAHAWKS!!!

  2. GO SEAHAWKS! I live in CO so I'm a little outnumbered here, but I am hoping for a good win! as well as delicious food and hilarious commericials ;) I love tone it up! Their workouts on youtube kick my ass every. single. time.


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