Tuesday, February 4, 2014

4 Non-Traditional Valentine's Day Date Ideas

I've seen a few "Valentine's Day Gift Guides" circulating recently. Though I am always intrigued by gift ideas, I honestly don't usually read them. Here's why: hubs and I don't usually buy each other gifts for Valentine's Day. 

With the exception of cards, flowers (for me) or sometimes a homemade dessert (for him), we usually just plan to do something nice with each other. Something we wouldn't do on a normal date. Just the two of us. 

Honestly, our Valentine's Days are usually the same. We pick a fancy restaurant and get dressed up. We get appetizers and dessert and share a fancy bottle of wine while we celebrate love. Don't get me wrong, if hubs showed up at dinner with some diamonds, I would not be mad. But that's not really what that day is about to us.

I got to thinking about different things we could do together on Valentine's Day this year. It's on a Friday, so we have chosen to go to dinner (at SUR!!!!! Can't wait!). But that means we have the entire weekend to do other things. Yes, I am dragging this holiday out :)

Here are some ideas for a creative Valentine's Day (or Valentine's Weekend).

Go for a Hike

Pick a trail you've never been to, or go to your favorite. Take the pup, too! You could even have a picnic along the way.

Make Dinner Together

When I can get my hubs in the kitchen to help me cook, it is seriously THE BEST. I can talk his ear off and find out all about his day. Otherwise, I am in the kitchen and he is off doing other things and we don't get to catch up as much. 

Game Night

I think this one is my favorite idea. I love game nights! We have a Wii so we might play a friendly game of golf or Uno is also a favorite. 

Bike Ride
We live in SoCal so the weather is (almost) always perfect for a bike ride along the ocean. We love to take our bikes out and stop at our favorite restaurants for snacks and hydrating. 

What are your traditions for Valentine's Day? 

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  1. I love all of these suggestions, except a bike ride is out of the question here in Boston (would be nice though!!). I hope you guys have a great Valentine's Day!


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