Friday, February 7, 2014

Embarrassment at its Finest

Happy Friday!!! 

Things are about to get real over  here. Today we are talking embarrassing moments, and only the most embarrassing. 

Do you have an embarrassing moment? You know the one. The one where you just want to shrink to the size of a french fry and blow away, never to return? Yeah, that one. [yes, sometimes french fries fly away in the wind...]

Not surprisingly, I have a few of those moments. But there is one that always sticks out when someone asks me what my most embarrassing moment is. It was about 18 years ago and I still want to shrivel down to nothing when I think about it. 

As any other ten year old would tell you, making friends and "being popular" are the only things that matter in life. Though your parents never understand that and refuse to believe it, it was the damn truth! 

One summer day, I was at a friend's birthday party with a bunch of other girls from my school. Some of these girls were my close friends and some I was just looking to to be accepted. I was the awkwardly tall and way too skinny girl whose hair was so thin and stringy that I might as well have been bald. It was a hot day (a rare occasion in Oregon) and my friend didn't have a pool. We got creative and put on our bathing suits and headed outside for a water fight. Some of us had buckets to throw water, others had squirt guns. Not very much longer we went inside and changed back into our clothes. An hour later we were back in our swimsuits and outside throwing and squirting water. And then repeat--we went back inside to change into our normal clothes. We continued inside with cakes and presents and all of the other things that happen at birthday parties. We eventually ended up outside again to play a game and that somehow turned into a water fight. I hope you're following along here... 

This is where embarrassment happens. For some reason, I thought I was still wearing my swimsuit and I started to take off my clothes. Someone looked at me sometime between me taking off my shorts and my shirt and said, "Amanda, WHAT ARE YOU DOING?" At that moment, I was completely mortified. I ran inside to put my clothes back on and flush myself down the toilet. 

When I made it back outside, I was pretty quiet, but tried to laugh it off. 

For a ten-year-old girl, trying to fit in and be friends with everyone, I thought my life was over. And it basically was... for a like a week. ;)

...And now I am completely mortified now that I have told all of you this.

What was your most embarrassing moment? Please tell me it was somewhere close to as embarrassing as mine... Don't leave me hanging. 


  1. My most embarrassing moment on this tripping walking up the stairs at the hospital and spilling coffee everywhere...and there was a group of med students walking up behind epic fail

    Meet @ the Barre

  2. I'm not necessarily embarrassed by this story, actually, but I probably should be! When I was like three or four, I was on a preschool field trip at the local bakery. When they showed us a giant bowl of frosting, I just reached in and grabbed a handful. Apparently my self control around sugar has never been great... of course, they had to throw away the whole bowl and my mom got an angry note!

  3. I embarrass myself on the regular. The most embarrassing moment of my life also happened when I was around ten. My family was visiting my mom's best friend, and someone said something really funny at the dinner table. Everyone laughed. I did too. In fact, I laughed so hard that I accidentally farted. Loudly. At the dinner table. Everyone knew it was me. There was no hiding it behind my beet red face and doomed expression. And what happened next? Well, everyone started laughing hysterically. You know how people always say, "Don't be embarrassed. Nobody noticed?" That's so untrue in this case. My family still brings it up. "Hey, remember that time you ripped ass at Nonie's dinner table?"

  4. Aww I have wayyy to many of these stories haha!

    AJ |

  5. Omg you are hilarious! Ahh to be 10 again...not. I have a similar story - I was playing jump rope in 5th grade and I was jumping while two classmates swung the rope for me. Everyone was like "Go Zoe, go Zoe" and I got a little cocky and decided to take my sweatshirt off while jumping. Pretty advanced stuff, huh? Except that my t-shirt came off with my sweatshirt and I flashed the whole class. For better or worse, puberty hadn't graced me yet, so I looked like a 10 year old boy. So fun! :)

  6. I might have to write about mine - but there are so many to share!!! I added your button to my blog (

  7. ha ha...I just read this. I have way too many to list but if you ever read this would find out how I ended up stripping for a bunch of strippers by mistake. OMG..I am so embarrassed to this day! :) Come back to SD soon!! xo - jill

    Classy with a Kick


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