Friday, April 25, 2014

16 Weeks: Bump Update

How far along: 16 weeks (I was actually 17 weeks yesterday... #epicfail)

Baby size: An avocado! Mmmm.... guacamole

Weight gain: At my 16 week appointment, the doctor said I had gained 3 too many lbs. THREE! Let's be honest, I could have not eaten breakfast and not drank so much water before my appointment and those 3 pounds would not have existed. So I am going to say I am right on track! I guess I won't eat before my next appointment ;)

Maternity clothes: Yes! Slowly I am not able to wear my regular clothes... I have some big plans to go shopping this weekend :)

Sleep: Yes! Sleep has been great, thanks to my preggo body pillow. It's a MUST! Just trust me on this one. 

Gender: THREE. MORE. WEEKS! I have been thinking it was a girl, but last night I had a dream that it was a boy (I heard dreams are a good indicator for what the sex is). So now... I am team blue!

Movement: Nothing dramatic yet... but sometime in the next 2 weeks I am sure! So excited!!!! 

Best moment this week: Getting a text message from my little brother that he was getting so excited to be an uncle (this will be the first grandchild in my family)! Seriously, my heart was in a puddle on the floor. So sweet! 

Looking forward to: Movement! And finding out the gender so I can start buying things and Pinning nursery inspirations! The waiting is like torture.

Food cravings: Nothing too out of the ordinary lately. It is crazy how your taste buds change though. Sometimes I will eat something and then think, "I never want to see that ever again." And for at least 24 hours, whatever I ate will sound absolutely disgusting. I also can not get myself to eat at our cafeteria at work... there's just something about it that makes me want to vom. I'd rather go to Chipolte.  

Weirdest food I ate this week: Nothing new to report here! 

Anything making you queasy or sick: If I wait waaaay too long to eat, I will start to feel nauseous. Also, when I was in New York last week, I started to get the horrible headaches again... like full on migraines. When I got back to California, I started chugging water to see if that would be an easy fix and sure enough, I am like a new person! Dehydration is no bueno.

Labor signs: No! Except in my dream last night :)

What I miss: Wine, lunch meat sandwiches, blue cheese

Symptoms: Going to the bathroom every 15 minutes. That is not an over exaggeration

Workouts: Yes, a little. I have been trying to get in as much cardio as possible. Sometimes I will walk/run on the treadmill with some weights and sometimes I will run outside. I have to walk a lot because my lower back starts to hurt when I am running (so frustrating!!) 

Things that suck: The headaches!!!! Hopefully I have them under control now. Hydrate! Hydrate! Hydrate!

Things that don't suck: Starting to (slowly) look the part. Even though my clothes are not fitting very well, it's exciting to be looking more the part. More and more everyday! 

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