Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Baby Rice: Finding Out

I have always wanted kids. I grew up with older cousins who (almost) all had babies just as I was old enough to babysit. I was the neighborhood babysitter, too; I took Red Cross classes to learn about babies and how to care for them while acting as the babysitter. I carried a binder with all of the safety information I needed, it also came with an emergency contact form...nerd alert (I was a little bit of an over achiever). One family I babysat for (you probably remember my wine friend), I am still very close with. They have never let me live down the binder. I lived with them for a year when I was in college and their youngest is about to graduate college. Man, does that make me feel old. 

Jonathan and I decided to start trying a few months ago. Actually, Jonathan and I negotiated. I wanted to start MONTHS earlier, but I was forced to strike a deal. We were pretty casual about the process at first. I was trying to not become obsessed...stay calm... something that is very easy to do, not so easy not to do. Slowly, I allowed myself to download a few apps and a read a few blogs here and there about conceiving (my favorite app was GLOW. It tracks everything for you, your temperature, period, discharge, everything! It uses the information to detect when you will ovulate. I used it for a few months and it was spot on after I tracked for two months). Then one month I decided to get real serious and I bought some ovulation test kits and used them. GLOW told me about  two weeks later (when Aunt Flow wasn't supposed to come for another week or so)  that I was probably good to take a pregnancy test now. So I did. I couldn't stop myself! After the damn thing said "Not Pregnant," I went to the app and told it that I took a test and it was negative. So then, the app has the nerve to tell me that I probably took the test too early. I was then pissed at the app and may have said a not very nice thing to it. But, I digress. 

It was 11 p.m. on a Sunday night and we had just got home from a weekend in Arizona (and I had to get up at 5 a.m. for work, I was exhausted to say the least). The entire weekend I waited, and waited, and waited for Aunt Flow. She never came. I kept looking at the calendar, counting the days to make sure I was right, that she was supposed to visit yesterday, but never showed. She is always on time so the entire day on Sunday I was FREAKING OUT. 

We were visiting my stepdaughter and some friends, so I didn't have time to sneak away and find a pregnancy test anywhere (or say something to my husband for that matter). The whole day I was feeling very strange. It was either the pregnancy or the fact that my heart was pounding and anxiety was rushing through my body. Either way, I was FREAKING OUT. We had a long five hour drive home and all I did the entire time was think about the pregnancy test in my bathroom (and do I tell my husband right now what is going through my head???). At one point he asked me if Aunt Flow arrived (in so many words), I answered no, then changed the subject. I was like a nervous school girl. So many emotions I could barely keep my thoughts straight. 

When we got home, I went into the bathroom, shut the door and did my business on the stick. Then my husband started pounding on the door because he needed to brush his teeth or something? So I shoved the stick in the drawer, shut it and opened the door. I started casually brushing my teeth while trying to NOT stare at the drawer. My husband finished and went into the bedroom, so I opened the drawer and instantly dropped my electric toothbrush on the counter and screamed: "OHMYGOD!" 
 photo 7c71d119-046b-4436-b3ba-28e3ea3d413e_zps62666cb1.jpg

I ran into the bedroom, holding the test in front of my husband. I was pretty much speechless at this point. All I could say was OHMYGOD! OHMYGOD! OHMYGODDDD!

Then we hugged, while my husband said, "I told you so" (he had a feeling a week or so before). He continued with, "I wondered why you were peeing with the door closed!" :)

The next week was very emotional and hard. I went to the medical clinic on base the next day and peed in a cup--I had to take a test for them, then they would refer me to an appropriate doctor. A few hours later I got a call that the test was negative. My heart stopped and my stomach dropped. I was SO confused. Aunt Flow had still not arrived so there was definitely something going on. I talked to the nurse who called me with the results (thankful for her!!) about my issue. I kept telling her it can't be right. That they needed to run it again. I even called the lab to confirm that they didn't enter it wrong. Nope... it was negative. WTF. 

The nurse advised that I go back to the clinic IN A COUPLE WEEKS and retake the test. A couple weeks? PLEASE. I waited a couple days (those couple of days were some of the most confusing, emotional, haziest days of my life. Am I pregnant? If I'm not, why do I feel like this and where is Aunt Flow?). I proceeded to take numerous at-home pregnancy tests during those days to ensure I was not crazy. 

When I went in a couple days later, I opted for the blood test this time (which I found out later from a few friends is always the option you should take, lesson learned). The lab technician told me that I should receive a call in a few hours with the results (this was after I went on and on about how I had taken 7 pregnancy tests at home and all said positive. I may have also suggested they look into the urine test's accuracy). Afterwards, I went to the pharmacy to get a prescription refilled (which is in the same building and has the same waiting area as the rest of clinic). One of the front desk receptionist came up to me to tell me that the doctor said I should receive my results within 48 to 72 hours. UMMM, EXCUSE ME? It was a Thursday which meant I would have to wait until Monday or Tuesday to find out the results. And why did the lab technician tell me otherwise? I almost cried. I asked if they would allow me to take the urine test instead, but they told me I couldn't. So, FINE. Whatever. This whole thing is a JOKE. I wanted to climb into a hole and cry. I didn't think it would be hard to get a positive pregnancy test. Apparently, I was wrong.  

I was still waiting at the pharmacy when a nurse walked up to me and asked me if I had a second to chat because my results had already came in. He pulled me to the side and told me that the result was POSITIVE. Thank goodness. I would not have been able to take another negative result. I breathed a sigh of relief and thanked him for assuring me that I was in fact not crazy. We're going to have a baby!!!!! 

As of tomorrow, I will be 14 weeks. Officially in my second trimester. I am so ready to not be looking frumpy, and at least start looking the part! I mean, if I can't drink wine, it could at least be obvious why... ;)


  1. Aww! I loved this story. I'm glad you got the answer you wanted. Congrats!!

  2. What a crazy wait that must have been! Motherhood is amazing and I can't wait to hear more about your pregnancy adventures!!


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