Tuesday, April 22, 2014

NYC Weekend + Easter

I was in New York last week for a work trip and decided to stretch out my trip by a few days. I have been to New York twice before, but both times were super quick (and stressful) trips. This time I really wanted to see the city. With the baby coming, I probably won't get another chance to, so I knew I had to do it. My friends from Boston came into the city to show me around. In just two days I was able to see everything I wanted to. We covered some major ground. Times Square, Rockefeller Center, Central Park, 911 Memorial... 

I found a new love for NYC. It really is such a great city with so much to do, if you have the time to explore (and learn how to get around :), don't hesitate and just do it!

Central Park was definitely a highlight. It was a gorgeous 70 degree day and there were hundreds of thousands of people running, biking and soaking up the sun (great people watching). The park is beautiful. A great "escape from the city" (even though you are IN the city, it feels like you're in a park outside the city). 
Rockefeller Center is the ice rink with the gold statue you see in so many movies! It was very cool to see in person. Although there were SO many people there, it was hard to get a good picture or soak it in. We didn't last long before heading to the next thing on our list :)
The 911 Memorial gave me chills. It was incredible. There are two pools stationed where the twin towers once stood with 30-foot water falls on each side of the square (the tallest water falls in North America). Around the pools were names of those we lost. There is a museum in the works as well, it is opening this Spring.
I am glad I got to see Times Square, but we didn't stay long. We walk around, went into a few cheesy souvenir shops, stood in line for the bathroom for about an hour and then decided we were ready to rest our feet and get some dinner. Note to all of the pregnant women: NYC is NOT, I repeat, NOT the place to visit when you're pregnant. Restrooms are hard to come by and when you find one, you'll stand in line for a very, VERY, long time. :-/ 
I bought Luna a Statue of Liberty crown while in Times Square. As you can see below. She is not amused. The second picture proves that. Stinker. 
I flew back from New York early Sunday morning so I could spend Easter with my favorites! I was so happy the weather in LA was perfect! There was a lot of relaxing and eating. We BBQ'd and then watched playoff basketball (not my first choice to watch on TV, but whatever). 
I hope you all had a wonderful Easter!!! 


  1. I love your photos and I am so glad you got a nice day for the park!

    xx Kelly
    Sparkles and Shoes

  2. I've been to NYC twice but never to the 9/11 memorial. I'd love to see it someday.


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